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Why does the data occur in some places but not others?

Make 3 Original Maps (city, state & continent): Once you have chosen and selected data, look for patterns at local (1 city-burbank), regional (1 state or small country) and continent (1-2 continents) scales by zooming in and out.
One map should show data at the local scale (shows 1 city)
The 2nd map should zoom out to show a regional scale (shows 1 state or a small country)
Finally your 3rd map should zoom out to continent scale (shows 1-2 continents).
Write a Paragraph Caption for Each Map: For each of the 3 maps you should write a descriptive paragraph (minimum of 10 sentences, college level writing). Outside research should be conducted and cited.
show the rain
Explains the data pattern (Where is the data occurring and not occurring?)
Explains the process (Why does the data occur in some places but not others?)
Describes any hazards the data may cause humans (How dangerous is this hazard?
Describes how could this hazard be managed?.
Add Final Touches to the Maps: Finally, you will capture an image of your completed map and data (or just a screen shot) and import it into a word processing program like word where you can add:
a scale bar. In some tools such as the National Geographic Mapmaker, the scale bar shows up automatically. In others, you may need to draw it in.
north arrow, You may also need to draw in the north arrow.
descriptive title
be easy to see and read.