News Media

Explain how the article has changed your view of the new media / new technology discussed.

Choose one of the options below.
(1) 4 SLIDES
Find a recent non-scholarly article about a new technology or new media instance that sparks your interest (speaks to
you, relates to your own experience) and is related to the course content.
If you are not sure whether a particular article is suitable for this assignment, please either check with me during my office
hours, preferably, or send me a link of the article.
The article should be at least 600 words long and should not be older than January 1st 2018.
For instance:
Your Boring, Everyday Life Belongs on Social Media
Wired, Author: Emma Grey Ellis, February 20, 2019…
Note: this example or any other example used in the course materials may not be used in your assignment.
Submit a 3-slide PPT or Canva presentation with the following structure:
-Slide 1: Summarize the article, using the 5Ws of Journalism: who, what, when, where, why. Use a bullet entry for each of
these questions. Provide enough context to demonstrate that you read the article thoroughly, but be concise.
Note: in some cases, you may have to replace the why with how.
-Slide 2: Identify a point where you disagree with author or see things differently. Explain why, in a bullet entry or two.
-Slide 3: Explain how the article has changed your view of the new media / new technology discussed. (e.g.: has Ellis’
article made you rethink your interaction with social media, or your privacy on social media?). Use a bullet entry or two.
-Slide 4: Cite the article using APA.
More on the 5Ws, here:
The 5 Ws (and an H) of Journalism – Thought. Co…
Here is how to distinguish between a scholarly and a non-scholarly article:
Created by Natasha Molet Worthington, June 2014…
(2) CONCEPT TURNED TO AD (submit ad + rationale)
Choose an idea or concept that we studied in course and turn into a billboard ad (e.g.: participatory culture – produsage or
exploitation?; OR: cybertarianism vs. cognitariat; OR: children and media: OR: surveillance). Work with something that
interests you.
Imagine that this ad would be posted at Yonge & Dundas square, so the passers-by would only have 10 seconds or less
to notice it. Reproducing the course content is not sufficient; use the material we studied in class to create a memorable
and accessible message/ story.
Create the ad using a Canva slide. For this assignment, the emphasis should be on how you tell the story – in other words,
how you condense the course material and translate it into a more accessible language. Submit the ad as a PDF.
Add a 150-200 word blurb, explaining:
-what idea/ concept from course you chose
-why you chose this idea/ concept
-what is the rationale behind your ad (explain the message you are aiming to transmit; you are trying to persuade your
audience that…?).
Some examples of billboard ads, here:
Our 25 Favourite OOH and Billboard Ads of 2021
Broadsign – December 14, 2021…