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 Are they in an urban environment, the suburbs, or way out in the country?

Week 4 Discussion
Watch the Pinkberry case study in the LEARN section this week.  Then determine the target market for Pinkberry using ALL the bases of segmentation to describe the customer profile. Here is an easy way to get started.
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a target audience can be everyone! One of the best ways to overcome this trap is to think of your target audience as individual people rather than a group of people. Here is a very simple buyer persona exercise that you will find helpful. And this is a great chance to be creative.
Visualize the person that you think is the Pinkberry target customer. In terms of our bases of segmentation, where does this person live? Where else could they live beyond just West Hollywood, CA? Are they in an urban environment, the suburbs, or way out in the country?
Now describe that person in terms of their demographic characteristics. How old are they? What gender are they? Where are they in their family life cycle? What is their education level? What do they do for a living, etc?
Move on to the psychological, or psychographic, the profile of the person that you are visualizing. What are their hobbies, lifestyle, values, and attitudes? What do they hold important to them? One of the areas to look at might be the VALS research. This may help you identify more about this specific person from the inside out.
Finally, with this same person in your head, how can you describe them behaviorally? Do they eat frozen yogurt? Do they eat frozen yogurt from a competitor? Have they never eaten frozen yogurt before?
Once you go through this mental exercise of visualizing your specific customer, it will be easier to use the bases of segmentation to define your target person.  After all, you talk to a person with your communication.
Finally, describe the one level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that best describes this person and you got this!

Marketing homework help

Explain what you think your app would be original and practical?

Each student should come up with an app idea (an app that is related to marketing matters in the supply chain or can be used for marketing products would be the best choice). The app can be used in any business, and there is no limit to its application. You do not need to program it or market it now; just the idea would be sufficient to fulfill this assignment’s purpose. The idea should not be necessarily sophisticated or super professional. A simple but interesting idea is also acceptable.
Explain the idea clearly, and discuss the possible applications and features.
Explain what you think your app would be original and practical?
Describe what competitive advantage your app has. (Difference from other competitors)
Explain what needs your app can satisfy.
Identify your target market.
Explain how your app will generate revenue? (e.g., Advertising, Membership,…)
Describe the technology behind your app (e.g., AI, Blockchain, Pattern Recognition,…)
If you have any design factors, you can also add them (Optional: such as showing a demo of your app).
Note: if you are very interested in your idea and think it is very attractive to investors, you may also work on it later and participate in one local or international competition.
Each app will be graded based on the 5 items mentioned below. The instructor can rate the app ideas based on the following criteria:
Originality, Uniqueness, and Innovation (0-6 points): (Important part of this assignment)
Feasibility, Functionality, and Practicality (0-6)
Need satisfaction compared to the existing and related apps (0-6)
Tech use (the type of technology that supports the app) (0-6)
Monetary perspective (How to make money out of the app?) (0-6)
Page limit: The report should be at least three pages.
The font should be Times New Roman 12pt and double-spaced.
Deadline: June 30th, 11:59 pm.
For students who want to develop apps for their business:
There are some companies that provide low-code application development platforms. They also have a student app contest every year. They offer a startup program for students to build, launch, and make their apps. One example is Mendix. Or 12skiestech (Links to an external site.) which helps companies develop their custom apps.

Marketing homework help

What is the demographic makeup of the customers (students)?

Marketing Plan Outline Video Guide by Professor Sedky (5.5 minutes) (Links to an external website.)
You will create an outline for your Marketing Plan based on the Final Project: Mini-Marketing Plan assignment .
The purpose of this assignment is to help you structure the main points of your marketing plan so when you start to write the final marketing plan report (next week) you will have a strong foundation. You should be incorporating concepts and marketing techniques in this class and bold them in the report.
Keep in mind this is a preliminary warm-up to your final project which will require much more detail and analysis. Be sure to read all of the information in the Final Project so you can see how much is involved.
Submit your draft by using the text box on this page (after clicking the submit assignment button) to submit your outline (I recommend creating it in a document in Word/Google Docs/Pages then copying and pasting into the text box).
Potential Organizations/Requirements
-Small organizations you are a part of
-A business that you work for (as long as you get permission)
-A small to medium business that you are familiar with and can research/get information on
Resources to Help You get Started with Your Outline
USC Libraries: Making an Outline (Links to an external website.)
Georgia Tech Library: Why Outline & Example (Links to an external website.) (should be a lot more detailed than this example)
–Use all the bolded Marketing Plan sections as headings in your outline.
Planning Phase
Client Organization (2-3 sentences or bullet points)
Describe your client organization. What it the mission and goals? How may customers (students) of they serve? What is the demographic makeup of the customers (students)? Where do the students come from? What is the reputation/brand of the organization?
Competition  (2-3 sentences or bullet points)
Think of 2-4 competitors for your organization. How is their brand and customer value proposition better or worse than your customer? How are their customers different? Discuss the market and segmentation in relation to competition.
SWOT Analysis (2 bullet points for each Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat)
How to do a SWOT Analysis (Links to an external website.)
Primary Research (1 bullet point on who you will interview and 2 bullet points on what types of questions you will ask)
This should be a summary of your findings by interviewing existing or potential customers (at least 2). Think of this as a focus group. Ask questions about usage, how they access the product/service, and what they like and dislike about the product/service.
Marketing Strategy
Objective (1 sentence on your objective)
For this plan you should have one objective. The objective should be specific and measurable (eg, increase sales by 4% over the next two years). It should measure both the impact on the company due to the marketing plan (in a measurable way, usually in a % or $) and should have a time associated with it (3 months, 6 months, 1 year). Make the objective realistic.
Strategy (1-2 sentences on your strategy)
Given the objective the marketing strategy is the overarching statement of how the objective will be achieved.
For example, sales might be increased by increasing the awareness (which was found in the situation analysis to be exceedingly low relative to competitors). Another strategy to increase sales might be targeting a new segment that has not yet been captured, or stealing a certain competitors share. The section outlines the rationale for selecting these strategies.
Marketing Tactics (3 detailed sentences on what your 3 marketing tactics are)
Describe 3 specific actions to take to achieve your marketing strategy. Think about the how these strategies incorporate the 4 Ps (marketing mix). Be very specific. An example might be to launch an IMC or hire sales people to focus on a target market (this would also include a lot more detail). We have studied many concepts from class so please review course content. These should be numbered and provide details and examples. This is the most important section as it tells the reader how you will achieve your marketing objective and strategy.
Differences between Strategy and Tactics and List of Tactics (Links to an external website.)
Control Phase
Evaluate Performance (1-2 sentences or bullet points on how you will measure your marketing efforts)
How and when can you quantify the results of your marketing plan. Think about multiple ways or metics to measure.
Also, this section should directly measure back to this objective that is set).

Marketing homework help

What do you consider as three key risks or barriers associated with Bitcoin?

Consultation challenge (Individual report)
One possible job for students majoring in the supply chain is a business consultant. In this class, you will practice how to be a consultant and find practical solutions to real business cases. The context in that you need to provide a piece of advice is digital payment. Nowadays, many companies struggle with the decision to adopt new forms of digital payment (e.g., cryptocurrency).
A summary of Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency refers to digital currency with encryption techniques to regulate the generation of each currency unit and verify the transfer funds. A form of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin (a peer-to-peer electronic cash system), which was created in 2009. Bitcoin transactions are verified by each computer in the network and recorded in a blockchain. As the first decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin was also the most popular one. In the meantime, hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Ripple, and Litcoin, also emerged.
As an exchange medium, Bitcoin reduced the cost of transactions. With a decentralized peer-to-peer network, transactions are conducted directly between two parties, verified across the network, and do not need a third party for clearing and settlement. The absence of intermediaries means that transaction costs can be kept to a minimum. Encryption algorithms are used to mask users’ identity in the Bitcoin blockchain, which, along with the feature of immutability, have made Bitcoin more robust against hackers’ attacks. The greater transparency and enhanced traceability of Bitcoin also result in better accountability, as transactions are effectively achieved across the network and left a digital trail. Blockchain allows users to mask their identity with numeric identifiers (also known as Bitcoin addresses, akin to one’s email address). Users mostly remain anonymous during transactions, which helps to protect their privacy online. However, law enforcement agencies have the ability to trace Bitcoin transactions by matching the numeric identifiers with user information.
Now, please read the following article to get more information about this consultation session and also different forms of digital payments:
Beyond Bitcoin: What Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies Mean for Firms (
A company is a leader in supplying low voltage cables, connectivity products, infrastructures, and accessories. The managers have a number of options in order to handle financial transactions with their suppliers, distributors, and customers. For instance, currently, they accept:

Credit and debit cards
Google wallet
Amazon payments
Apple pay
Recently, their most profitable customers adopted Bitcoin, and they desired to pay in Bitcoin largely. The managers of the company are not aware of Bitcoin’s characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Moreover, the other main competitors have not used Bitcoin in their financial transactions. The managers invited two consulting companies to first understand what Bitcoin is and then decide to adopt it or not!
Today, the two groups from two professional consulting services in Florida are invited to the company’s headquarter in Miami.
About the two groups:
One of them thinks that the company should modify its regular financial policies and adopt Bitcoin not only to deal with the mentioned customer but also with other companies and customers.  (consultant 1: For Bitcoin)
The other one believes that Bitcoin is still in its infancy, other competitors have not used it, its transactions are still risky, and the public awareness about digital currency (e.g., Bitcoin) is very low. (consultant 2: Against Bitcoin)
Both consulting teams are trying to give enough evidence and facts to convince the managers to adopt/ reject bitcoin. First, consultant 1 offers reasoning, facts, analysis, statistics, industry trends, and justification to convince the company to adopt and use Bitcoin. Second, consultant 2 presents some reasoning, facts, analysis, statistics, industry trends, and justification to convince the company to reject Bitcoin.
Now, you need to pick one of these consulting teams (1 or 2) and imagine that your team plays the role of that consultant in that meeting. If you think the company should adopt Bitcoin select consultant 1, otherwise select consultant 2.
If you pick Consultant 1, please include:

ALL reasons, facts, and analysis you will use to convince the managers of the company to adopt Bitcoin in their transactions. In your report, you need to describe at least 7 points as the main facilitators or advantages of using Bitcoin (as a cryptocurrency).
What do you consider as three key risks or barriers associated with Bitcoin? Explain those factors too.
Moreover, in the last two paragraphs, compare and contrast possible advantages with risks and compose your final reasoning and justification on why the company should adopt Bitcoin?
If you pick Consultant 2, please include:
ALL reasons, facts, and analysis you will use to persuade the managers of the company to refuse Bitcoin in their transactions. In your report, you need to describe at least 7 points as the critical barriers or disadvantages of using Bitcoin ( as a cryptocurrency) in current business transactions.
What do you consider as three key facilitators or benefits associated with Bitcoin? Explain those factors too.
Moreover, in the last two paragraphs, compare and contrast possible advantages with risks and compose your reasoning and justification on why the company should not adopt Bitcoin?
Important Note

This activity counts for 30% of your final grade.
Well-written, complete, accurate, and innovative reports will get full marks.
This is an individual assignment; each student should submit this report individually.
Deadline: June 15th, 11:59 pm.
What to include in your report
Length: Minimum three-page report
The font should be Times New Roman 12pt and double-spaced

Introduction – offers a brief, clear explanation of the scenario and identifies which position/consulting team you chose
Body – describes the advantages and disadvantages of adopting or rejecting Bitcoin from the perspective of your chosen consulting team, presenting facts, analysis, statistics, and industry trends
Conclusion (two paragraphs) – offers convincing reasoning and justification for the company to follow your recommendation regarding the adoption or rejection of Bitcoin.

Marketing homework help

How will this choice affect the company’s bottom lines?

GameZone Inc. is a growing company in digital interactive entertainment. It started its business in the video gaming industry in 2009 in San Francisco. Some of their related projects: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Mission – To inspire the world to play.
Desires a global reputation as the leader of the video game industry
Develops and delivers games, content, and online services for Internet-connected consoles, mobile devices, and personal computers.
Over 30 million registered players globally.
It is recognized for brands in sports games, strategic games, zombie games, etc.
Requests to incorporate feedback from customers
Sells both online and directly through retailers (such as Target and Walmart), which helps keep better consumer trends.
It looks for positive publicity and a greater market in the U.S. and around the world.
They have three main beliefs:
Creativity: Striving to bring imagination, original ideas, and excitement to everything they do.
Pioneering: Acting with the curiosity and courage it takes to experiment, innovate, and lead.
Passion: They are at their best when they pursue what they love while having fun doing it.
Although the company’s market share and revenue are not bad, they have no clear marketing strategy. They mainly focus on word of mouth based on their products’ variety, price, quality, and after-sales services. Now, they have decided to take advantage of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). Therefore, they have invited four marketing consulting groups to develop a sound online marketing strategy. In this game, the four consulting teams describe four different approaches as follows:
Approach 1: Customer-centered approach: Viral marketing and crowdsourcing
This consulting team needs to explain how this company can take advantage of viral marketing and crowdsourcing to improve the quality of products/services, come up with new ideas, reduce errors and bugs, and increase revenue. It would help if you described your proposing strategies for viral marketing. Why could crowdsourcing be a promising way to influence organizational performance? Give one example of a crowdsourcing project that best matches the company.
Approach 2: Network-centered approach: Influencer marketing
This consulting group needs to focus on the influencer marketing approach. You need to explain how the company can use influencer marketing to get more followers and likes, increase the number of actual users, and improve revenue. It will help if you articulate your plan. For example, which influencer (s), celebrity (ties), or Viner (s) will you pick? Why? How will this choice affect the company’s bottom lines?
Approach 3: SM- centered approach: Social media (SM) platforms and social media management tools
This consulting team needs to convince the management that the best way to improve marketing and advertising activities, enhance reputation, elevate brand awareness, retain and manage current customers, attract potential customers, and increase revenue is by choosing the best social media platforms. It would then help if you highlighted that the company should use SM tools to manage and harmonize the SM channels. You need to explain what social media is the best option for them. Why? What tools do they need to use to manage them? How to draft their SM policies?
Approach 4: Online word-of-mouth approach: Outrageous marketing approach
This consulting group needs to provide enough evidence to convince the management that being outrageous is the best marketing approach. For instance, you can use competitive analysis to show some successful outrageous strategies. Why do other companies (in a related or unrelated industry) use this approach? What are the advantages and possible risks associated with this approach? You also need to either draft your idea about your outrageous plan and describe it or prepare a short video (or any multimedia materials) to offer your solution practically.
Deliverables in this role-play (what to include in your report):
Each student needs to pick one of the mentioned solutions.
Then, you should explain why you picked that solution? You can provide solid reasoning, describe your proposal, identify the primary plan to implement that proposal, and show some supporting documents, analyses, statistics, and materials.
Desirable format:

Introduction: a very brief explanation about the company and the problem they faced
Body: describe which of the four solutions is selected by you and why? (e.g., Why is this the best solution? analyze the pros and cons of that choice, explain how to implement this proposal?, what resources (such as budget) are required?, provide supporting documents to justify your proposal (such as analyses, trends, and statistics about the gaming industry)
Conclusion: write a persuasive paragraph to the company’s management team and emphasize that although the other solutions (that you did not pick) have some potential advantages, the solution you picked would be the choice for the company to solve the problem.
Page limit: The report should be at least three pages.
The font should be Times New Roman 12pt and double-spaced.
Deadline: July 16th, 11:59 pm.

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Explain how the concepts found in control theory can be used to ensure the smooth operation of the process.

Control theory originated with the goal of managing small, mechanical operations (such as the thermostat example in your lecture) but it has since been applied in broader contexts. For this assignment, select a service operation (a bank, hospital, auditing company, financial consulting, etc.) and apply control theory to a particular process within the business. Explain how the concepts found in control theory can be used to ensure the smooth operation of the process. In a bank, a process to which we could apply control theory could be managing the length of the lines. In financial consulting, control theory could be applied to maintaining the balance between risk and return.
For this assignment, begin by choosing and describing a specific process within a service operation. Describe what the goals would be (maintain risk levels, manage queue lengths, maintain medicine inventory, etc.) and then explain, using relevant vocabulary, how control theory can be used to keep the goals on target. Use research to both find details about your selected type of business and also to learn more about control theory concepts. Be specific in your description and give concrete examples of what must be done. To support your arguments, create two graphs: the first should depict the feedback loop in the operation and the second should show the stability of the operation (how the value of the objective will behave over time). The online lecture has examples for both of these graphs.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Described the service operation.

Applied control theory concepts to explain how the   operation can be managed.

Provided two graphs to show the control loop and   stability of the operation.

Presented a structured report free of spelling and   grammatical errors and cited sources in APA format when necessary.


Marketing homework help

What are four (4) options that Cowgirl Chocolates may consider as far as pricing?

BM350 Marketing Management
Directions:  Be sure to make an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth University for grading.  Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar.  Sources must be cited in APA format.  Your response should be a minimum of one (1) single-spaced page to a maximum of two (2) pages in length; refer to the “Assignment Format” page for specific format requirements.
Case 22:  Cowgirl Chocolates (pp. 488-500)
Marilyn Lysohir, an internationally celebrated ceramic artist, started Cowgirl Chocolates to provide some funding support for a yearly published arts magazine, High Ground, that she and her husband, Ross Coates, started in 1995. Her love of chocolates and hot and spicy foods spurred the idea of making hot and spicy chocolates to be sold in creative, artistic tins and packaging, which she labeled Cowgirl Chocolates. Her small business, begun in 1997, had won a number of awards in fiery food competitions. While Cowgirl Chocolates had grown steadily over its four years in business, it still had only generated $30,000 in sales revenue in 2000, which was not enough to cover expenses. Marilyn had drained much of her personal savings to keep Cowgirl Chocolates in business. Her cash accounting methods and record keeping were not very sophisticated although she seemed to have a good sense of her costs in production and raw materials and the packaging. However, Marilyn had taken a shotgun approach to most of her marketing efforts and had tried a number of activities to increase product demand. She allowed herself to make one risky financial move each year in her pursuit of profitability and increased sales. She had just made her one risky move for year 2001: She had taken out a full-page ad in Chile Pepper magazine for $3,000.
1.   The suggested retail price and wholesale prices of Cowgirl Chocolates products are displayed in Exhibit 2 (p. 491) along with the product and packaging costs. Based on this information, discuss the relative merits of using a cost-based, demand-based, and competition-based pricing method.  (50 points)
2.   What are four (4) options that Cowgirl Chocolates may consider as far as pricing? What would you recommend?  (50 points)

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Describe how critically analyzing a technology’s role in an event has informed your individual framework of perception.

Technology Topic: CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing
An essential part of developing critical analysis skills is self-reflection. In this activity, you will have the opportunity to consider how using critical analysis influences your personal experience and your field of study or profession. Completing this activity will result in a draft of the first part of the reflection section of your project. It also provides an opportunity to obtain valuable feedback from your instructor that you can incorporate into your project submission.
In this activity, you will describe how using critical analysis tools influences your personal experience and your field of study or profession.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
Describe how critically analyzing a technology’s role in an event has informed your individual framework of perception.

Consider how it has altered the way you perceive the world.

Describe how examining your bias has altered the way you use or don’t use certain technologies.

Reflect on your own bias, then consider how an awareness of one’s bias can change how one interacts with technology.

Explain how critically analyzing a technology’s role in your event can influence your field of study or profession.

How can studying technology inform your understanding of the next big topic of study in your field or profession?

What to Submit
Submit your short paper as a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. If sources are used, they should be cited according to APA style. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.

Marketing homework help

What do critics, editorialists or the industry state are the benefits of this marketing technology?

In this assignment, you are to select one of the top marketing technology companies below and conduct a research report on the technology.  Pick just one of the following marketing technologies:
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Adobe Marketo
In your selected marketing technology company, conduct a POWERPOINT deck of 4-6 slides highlighting the following questions in the submission:
1) What is the company mainly known for as their strength in marketing technology?
2) What do critics, editorialists or the industry state are the benefits of this marketing technology?
3) What does this marketing technology company lack compared to others?
4) Leveraging the journal article this week, provide one correlation to the article this marketing technology does impact the digital marketing strategy framework?
5) What is an example of a brand you can find leverages this technology, and what was the benefit of its use in a campaign example or in general?
This PowerPoint can be in any format but must include an executive tone.  No speakers slides are necessary, it is optional.

Marketing homework help

What did both TedTalks have in common as a major theme in the importance of marketing technology and personalization?

In this discussion, it’s important to watch all of the videos first, but primarily the 2 TedTalk videos. Each TedTalk discusses technology and the emergence and importance of personalization in digital marketing today. In this discussion please answer the following questions:
1) What did both TedTalks have in common as a major theme in the importance of marketing technology and personalization?
2) Think of an example of a brand that does a good job in marketing personalization through various marketing technology tactics. What is that example and provide your opinion how effective it is? (how immersive technologies (ar/vr) will shape our future ) (bridging the gap personalized marketing ) Nicole Martin