Describe the culturally familiar visual elements that led you to that assumption.

Determine the probable target audience.
Describe the culturally familiar visual elements that led you to that assumption.
Discuss how the culturally familiar visuals activate the target audience’s emotional response and why that is important to consider.
*Remember— Analysis requires that you substantiate your ideas with quotes from academic sources and experts in the field. Analysis without substantiated evidence is opinion. Use your eTextbook, another academic article or source, or a career or real-life example to support your analysis points in your initial discussion post to demonstrate your full comprehension of the topics.


Does the essay provide a thoughtful response to the assigned case study?

This case study assignment differs from the previous assignments. After reading your selected case, notice the 4-5 questions that follow the case. These questions are intended to help you process the case, and reflect on your own thoughts of the case as well. For this assignment, you will use your 2-3 page paper to answer all questions following the case you selected. Be mindful of your writing; you need to respond to the questions while still meeting the page limit requirement for this assignment. Follow best practices for writing: use an introduction paragraph, followed by the body of the paper, and finish with a conclusion; also use transitions between paragraphs.
Each case study reflection should be 2-3 pages (double-spaced) in length.
Formatting should be 12-point font, 1-inch margins and New Times Roman font.
You will need to include 3 scholarly sources. Sources should be cited in APA format. You should include in-text citations and a reference page. These must be 3 separate scholarly sources the case study itself does not count towards those 3 sources.
Direct quotes should be no more than 1 sentence (or 6 words).

Each of these essays has a value of 4 points, and will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
Content: Does the essay provide a thoughtful response to the assigned case study?
Mechanics: Is the writing clear and comprehensible? Are technical terms clearly defined or explained? Is the essay grammatically sound? Does the essay follow the expectations for written work outlined in the syllabus?


Evaluate your email and how Sara would react by completing the Six Ws Worksheet for Assessment 2 [DOCX].

For this assessment: Write an email that includes information relevant for a specific audience and purpose.
1. Revisit the scenario and voicemail message from your manager that you used to complete Assessment 1.
2. Review the worksheet in which you assessed the main points of your manager’s voicemail in Assessment 1.
3. Based on these, write an email message to the client, specifically Sara Robins at Printables, using the Email Template [DOCX]. Delete any instructions and headings before submission.
4. Use the four components of written communication—purpose, audience, tone, and structure—to write your email.
• State the purpose of the email.
• Address the appropriate audience.
• Use a professional tone.
• Follow the structure in the Email Template [DOCX].
5. Once you write your email, review and edit your message to make sure:
• It includes information relevant to the customer.
• It emphasizes important points using style mechanics common in professional writing.
• It uses professional language and tone appropriate for a response to an important customer.
6. Evaluate your email and how Sara would react by completing the Six Ws Worksheet for Assessment 2 [DOCX]. If needed, edit your email.
7. Submit your email, along with your completed Six Ws Worksheet for Assessment 2 [DOCX] worksheet.
8. Use Calibri 12-point font.
Address the following:
• Describes the purpose of an email and provides background information relevant to the audience.
• Evaluates an email and anticipates audience reactions by considering the Six Ws of communication, describing how the email was adjusted to address those reactions.
• Addresses the appropriate audience, using professional language and tone. Uses precise and accurate vocabulary and effective word choice for articulate, fluent expression.
• Writes concisely and directly. Conveys precise and unequivocal meaning through clear and consistent use of active voice.
I have attached the following documents for you to use.
1. Email template which you will write the email respond on
2. Assessment no. 2 instructions to follow
3. Six w2 worksheet which you will complete
4. Written active listening voicemail from assessment 1 for background and situation. (actual voicemail for this assessment)
5. Six ws worksheet from assessment 1 for you to see the respond and view the main points.
NOTE: you will use the email template to write the response by following instructions and also complete the six Ws worksheet for assessment 2.


What industry trends can be commented on?

1) How can I tie my company into current events and other popular news stories? 2) Is there a new angle on an old story? 3) Do I have any well- known, respected customers or clients whom I can quote ? 4) Has anyone in the company received a special award ? 5) Are we using any innovative processes or technologies that make us stand out? 6) What industry trends can be commented on? Do we have any interesting statistics or case studies ?
1- Answer the above questions as if you were preparing a news release for the following situations:
a. A new play is opening at the city’s professional repertory theater.
b. A food company is introducing a completely fat-free potato chip.
c. The local Red Cross chapter is kicking off its annual drive for blood donations.
2- Electronic distribution services post hundreds of news releases every day. Go to BusinessWire ( or PR Newswire ( and scroll through the news releases posted on a particular day. What is your impression?
3- Write a standard news release for your college newspaper about the upcoming meeting of a student organization that has invited a well-known author to speak on campus. Follow the guidelines in the chapter regarding the seven basic elements of a news release. At the end of the release, include a brief descriiption of the organization.
Convert the news release written in Activity 5 to the format of (1) an online news release, and (2) a multimedia news release.


Describe the different communication strategies (from Chapter 9) you would implement.

Imagine that you have been assigned to lead a new task group. In this assignment, you will design a communication strategy for building cohesion within that group as it develops over time. Write a 2.5-3 page paper that includes the following:
Create an organizational/group context (hypothetical).
Describe the different communication strategies (from Chapter 9) you would implement. Both state the strategy (for example, compliment character) and provide examples (related dialogue, Bob, I appreciate your patience with me as I learn our new process).
Consider differences for the group’s developmental stages (see the 4-phase model in Chapter 1).
In terms of audience for your paper, consider that you will use the paper to inform the person who assigned you the group leadership role of your plans. You will be including the organizational context in your explanation.
Reading is attached below for the Chapter 9 reference


Explain how the recommendations would help the audience receive the communication more clearly.

For the training, create an informative presentation that differentiates between effective and ineffective visual and textual communications, analyzes why, and provides examples.

Choose Training Option 1 or 2 to select your focus for the training.

Create a Microsoft PowerPoint or Sway Presentation with 8 to 12 slides.

Training Option 1:
• Provide an example of documentation with ineffective visual and textual elements.
• Analyze the ineffective visual and textual example by including the following:
• Discuss why the visual and textual elements are problematic.
• Construct the steps necessary to fix the issues.
• Explain the rationale behind these recommendations and how they would improve the document.
• Explain how the recommendations would help the audience receive the communication more clearly.
• Using the recommendations discussed, present the revised example of the visual and textual elements, and include the additional analysis:
• Discuss how this methodology could be used for other topics.
• Integrate the use of Kaushik’s algorithm/checklist.

Training Option 2:
• Locate a publicly available data set or use your own data.
• Using the data:
• Share a story.
• Using the same data, now share a DIFFERENT story.
• Use visualization tools of your choice to share your stories, such as Excel or Canva, and plug these in within your training presentation.
• Compare and contrast the different stories created.
• Analyze the data visualization and the process by including the additional analysis points within your training:
• Examine the choice for the specific chart/visualization types used for each story.
• Explain and examine potential problems each story may present.
• Present ethical implications of technical communication and data storytelling.
• Discuss who or what can support with verification that data storytelling is accurate.
• Share steps on how individuals might frame the data and the story to accurately represent reality. Why would this approach be more effective?
• Share the importance of representing data accurately.

For either option that is chosen, please include all the information in a way that will communicate best practices to your team. Additionally, include an introduction, agenda, and closing for the training.

Cite at least 2 sources beyond your textbook, including the sources for the data, to support your assignment.
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.


Identify three strategies to improve communication with people from this country.

You work for a global company based in the United States. Due to the company’s upcoming 5-year plan to expand to more global locations, your employer has asked you to write a paper on strategies for improving communication with people from cultures outside of the United States. Choose one country outside of the United States as your focus.
You will write a 3- to 4-page expository essay covering the following:
• Provide a brief summary of the country you have chosen, including information on their culture and customs.
• Differentiate between how the following means of communication are practiced in that country and the United States:
o Verbal communication practices and the use of language
o Nonverbal communication practices (i.e., haptics, kinesics, proxemics, chronemics)
o Gender communication
o Business etiquette
• Identify three strategies to improve communication with people from this country.
Your essay should include separate title and reference pages in proper APA format. Include a minimum of four scholarly resources. Your work should display college-level writing with attention to detail and demonstrate critical thinking skills.


What should you, as director of corporate communications, do to prepare for their visit?

1)Do a content analysis of your local daily newspaper (San Antonio TX, UTSA Boulevard) to determine the number and percentage of news articles that probably originated from news releases, news conferences, interviews with organizational spokespersons, a press preview, or a media tour. !!!Construct a STATISTICAL CHART (pie or any other type) and write a summary of what you found!!!
2) Business week has decided to write a news feature about your company’s innovative approach to conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gases in its manufacturing plants. A reporter and photographer will be visiting the company headquarters in 10 days. What should you, as director of corporate communications, do to prepare for their visit?
3) What is a media tour? What is the purpose of a media tour?
4) Blogs are now part of the media landscape. Your client makes moderately priced bicycles used for leisure and weekend exercise. The company doesn’t have a large advertising budget, but it thinks publicity (and sales) could be generated through blogs devoted to leisure bike riding. Do some research and compile a list of five blogs that would be interested in receiving postings and other information from the manufacturer.
***Please follow every detail of all parts of the instructions fully***


Describe two strategies you can use to improve communication with people from other cultures.

• Discuss why it is important to have knowledge of other cultures in order to be a more effective communicator.
• Explain some challenges to communicating with people from other cultures. Include in your discussion at least one of the following:
o Verbal communication
o Gender communication
o Nonverbal communication
• Describe two strategies you can use to improve communication with people from other cultures.
Creating and following an internal communication plan is very important, yet many organizations do not have one. For discussion this week, consider:
• What are some of the common reasons such a plan is ignored?
• Think of either a current or past employment situation that you were in. Was communication from management to employees organized, timely, and straightforward? What were some of the problems, and how did they impact you and your coworkers?


What did the organization need to decide?

Read these sources and answer the questions.
1. Rattray, C., Piovesan, C., Kaufman, A., & Nola, T. (Producers). (2010). The Whistleblower [Online movie]. Available from (watch all 112:00)
2. NPR Staff. (2011, July 30). A “whistleblower” made into a Hollywood heroine. Weekend Edition Saturday. Retrieved from (read all 6 pages)
3. Bennett, J. (2017, 12 July). Kathryn Bolkovac: The Real “Whistleblower” on human trafficking in Bosnia. Retrieved from:
4. Slanjankic, A. (2016, February 29). Bolkovac: “UN tries to cover up peacekeeper sex abuse scandal.” DW. Retrieved from (read all 5 pages)
Then answer the following questions:
1. What did the organization need to decide?
2. What were the one or more moral problems?
3. How, if at all, did you empathize with Kathryn?
4. For what reasons, if any, did you admire Kathryn?
5. How, if at all, did you identify with Kathryn?
6. Is Kathryn one of your mentors? For what reasons?