Have you ever wondered how far it is to the Pleiades?

How to successfully complete this lab exercise
To successfully complete this lab exercise, just follow these steps:
Read the introduction
Complete the pre-lab activity
Download and read the lab answer sheet and the Excel Workbook
Perform all activities and answer all questions in the lab report
Check the formatting of the report
Create a PDF file of the Report
Submit the PDF file AND the complete Excel Workbook (do not convert to PDF) with all graphs and tables in the assignment drop boxIntroduction
IntroductionHave you ever wondered how far it is to the Pleiades? It is a local star cluster with hundreds of stars but very well visible to the naked eye. Associated with it is a mythology about seven sisters guarded by their parents. The distance to the Pleiades can be used as a step to calibrate the cosmic distance ladder. In this lab you will learn two different ways to determine the distance to this famous star cluster.