Evaluate your email and how Sara would react by completing the Six Ws Worksheet for Assessment 2 [DOCX].

For this assessment: Write an email that includes information relevant for a specific audience and purpose.
1. Revisit the scenario and voicemail message from your manager that you used to complete Assessment 1.
2. Review the worksheet in which you assessed the main points of your manager’s voicemail in Assessment 1.
3. Based on these, write an email message to the client, specifically Sara Robins at Printables, using the Email Template [DOCX]. Delete any instructions and headings before submission.
4. Use the four components of written communication—purpose, audience, tone, and structure—to write your email.
• State the purpose of the email.
• Address the appropriate audience.
• Use a professional tone.
• Follow the structure in the Email Template [DOCX].
5. Once you write your email, review and edit your message to make sure:
• It includes information relevant to the customer.
• It emphasizes important points using style mechanics common in professional writing.
• It uses professional language and tone appropriate for a response to an important customer.
6. Evaluate your email and how Sara would react by completing the Six Ws Worksheet for Assessment 2 [DOCX]. If needed, edit your email.
7. Submit your email, along with your completed Six Ws Worksheet for Assessment 2 [DOCX] worksheet.
8. Use Calibri 12-point font.
Address the following:
• Describes the purpose of an email and provides background information relevant to the audience.
• Evaluates an email and anticipates audience reactions by considering the Six Ws of communication, describing how the email was adjusted to address those reactions.
• Addresses the appropriate audience, using professional language and tone. Uses precise and accurate vocabulary and effective word choice for articulate, fluent expression.
• Writes concisely and directly. Conveys precise and unequivocal meaning through clear and consistent use of active voice.
I have attached the following documents for you to use.
1. Email template which you will write the email respond on
2. Assessment no. 2 instructions to follow
3. Six w2 worksheet which you will complete
4. Written active listening voicemail from assessment 1 for background and situation. (actual voicemail for this assessment)
5. Six ws worksheet from assessment 1 for you to see the respond and view the main points.
NOTE: you will use the email template to write the response by following instructions and also complete the six Ws worksheet for assessment 2.

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