Environmental Issues

What evidence is provided to support the argument?

This assignment is a reaction paper on Jared Diamond’s book “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed”. This book has a ton of resources on it like summaries and in-depth analyses of the meaning of each chapter. I will attach a low-level example the teacher provided along with the rubric and a free PDF of the book. The objective is to answer these 5 questions listed below and follow these requirements. All assignments must be in double-spaced, 12-point font. It should be about 5 pages excluding your reference page. You must also have at least 6 (or more) academic references that you cite in either MLA or APA style. Chose whatever style suits you best. 1. What is the argument of the book? (How might you summarize the book? How might this book relate to other readings in previous weeks?) 2. What evidence is provided to support the argument? (How is the argument constructed? What problem does the paper seek to address?) 3. What are the limits to the argument? 4. What are the strengths of the argument? 5. What is the significance of this book? If you have any questions on the assignment or what I’m hoping for, please reach out.

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