Under what circumstances did this conflict with the Soviet Union begin?

Prompt: It is difficult to overstate the extent to which the Cold War (1945-1991) impacted the United States and its relationship with the world. Discuss the Cold War and how it shaped American society and its role in world affairs. Under what circumstances did this conflict with the Soviet Union begin? How did it shape American foreign policy? What were its effects on American society? In what ways did the United States and the Soviet Union battle one another? Ultimately, how did this conflict come to an end?
This long-form essay is designed to test your knowledge, showcase your writing skill, and build on your experience from the short essays. Please carefully read the following instructions:
This essay will be at least 750 words in length
Students must fully answer the question
The organization is up to the student, but it must be in paragraph format with an introductory and concluding paragraph
The Thesis sentence must be the last sentence of the introductory paragraph, and it must fully address the prompt
The essay must be supported with facts from several sources
At least three Examples from the American Yawp Reader
To fully answer these questions students will likely need to use more than the minimum sources
Cite using the following format:
Examples: (McNee, “The Arrival of the Europeans”)
American Yawp Reader: (Title of Document)
Example: (“Chief Joseph on Indian Affairs” (1877, 1879))
American Yawp: (“Chapter Title”)
Example: (“The New Era”)
Students must use only in class sources for this essay
These questions are designed without a single right answer, so I encouraged students to be creative and thoughtful with their answers.

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