Why does he reject the varieties of modern art and the theories underlying them?

Art vs. Propaganda (minimum 1000 WORDS) For the sake of argument make a clear distinction between Art and Propaganda. On Art: First define what “art” is by focusing on the theories of Leonardo and Kandinsky. Refer to the slide art lectures also on modern art–impressionism, futurism, etc. as to the purpose and function of art. Select a painting by Leonardo (Renaissance) and from Kandinsky (modern, Abstract) that illustrates their respective theories. On Propaganda: As you discuss Hitler’s idea on the purpose of “art,” you will approach a definition of propaganda. Center on Hitler’s “Great Exhibition of German Art.” How do the images from “Triumph of the Will” express Hitler’s theory? Silk Roads, pages 96-99 and in the Appendix, pages 181-186 provide additional material. These smaller questions get at the big question and provide a way to structure your paper: 1. How does the particular painting reflect/express the theory in terms of theme and composition? 2. Each of the three have theories about the purpose of “art,” what it should do. How does your selected painting express/reflect purpose? (i.e. What purpose does art serve? Who is it for?) 3. On Kandinsky: How does he define “spiritual?” and how is abstract art “spiritual?” Why would he reject Leonardo’s idea of art? Or would he? What “meaning” or in Kandinsky’s case, “experience” does he envision the viewer find or experience? How would he critique Leonardo and Hitler? 4. On Leonardo, review what you may have addressed earlier and in the quiz, and apply these questions: What is the value of art? The connection–or no connection?–between art and science? What should art study and reveal? Thus, what is the purpose of art, according to Leonardo? How would he critique Kandinsky and Hitler? 3. On Hitler: What does Hitler believe art should do and express. (What theme and form does Hitler favor and why? What would be Hitler’s definition of “spiritual” or at least “pure?” Why does he reject the varieties of modern art and the theories underlying them? What does Hitler mean by “To be German is to be clear?” According to Hitler, what art is destructive to the German community and what art nourishes it…and why? How would he critique Kandinsky and Leonardo? 4. Now for the overall question: What IS the difference between art and propaganda? You are helped here by going to the Silk Roads appendix and reading “Film and Fascism: The Uses of Propaganda,” pp.182-3 in Silk Road and “Triumph of the Will.” Optional: Can Pericles’ comments on democracy apply to any of the theories of the above. Plato’s Allegory apply to Kandinsky? Hitler? Leonardo? (No wrong answer, no matter what you write; I am really curious about what you come up with). USE THESE LINKS AS REFERENCES: 46f90858b5

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