Global Studies

What was happening in the immediate and broader context at the time the source was produced?

Here are the two primary sources:…
Historical Context: Demonstrate your understanding of the major trends or developments of the era and place in which the primary source was written. In other words, what was happening in the immediate and broader context at the time the source was produced? Use at least two Overarching Themes to demonstrate immediate and broader context knowledge.
Contextually incorporate 2-3 Key Terms
Civilization, Cuneiform, Nile River, Slaves, Bronze, Alphabet, Yellow River, Loess, Lady Has, Logographic, Bronze Metal Working, Shi, Early Zhou Dynasty, Warring States Period, Book of Songs, Confucius, Crossbow, Cavalry, Yin and Yang, Book of Changes, Hittites, Nubia, Yahweh, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Israelites, and Jews, ( if none of these work, messages me and I will provide more!)
Evaluate the significance or impact of this primary source on the time period in which it was written, as well as the longevity of the impact (if applicable). Give a thoughtful response to any inferences or interpretations suggested by the author of the primary source. (i.e. related to the primary source author’s values or choices or perspectives or arguments) Remember: Keep within the historical context and away from our modern-day biases. Reflect on your own increased learning/knowledge base from having read and analyzed this primary source within its historical context.
I have attached a PDF of what has already been written, you’re just going to add a few more paragraphs using the information above! Thank you! I am probably not as smart as you so please use basic words and phrases, please!

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