What forces cause difficulties for effective problem-solving in groups?

6 separate questions
answers Must be 90 words per answer
1. Discuss the different types of interpersonal relationships prevalent in society. What factors influence effective and appropriate self-disclosure in interpersonal communication across these types and at different stages in a relationship?
2. Assessment Descriiption
How do dialectical tensions shape communication in different stages of relationships? Use at least three examples from your own relationships to:
a.Identify the stage of the relationship in each example.
b.Identify what tensions are present in each example.
c.Explain how they shape the communication between you and your relational partner in each example.
3. What forces cause difficulties for effective problem-solving in groups? Describe a group to which you belong (e.g., student work group, employee group, bible study group). What roles are present in the group? What are the group norms? What are interaction patterns in this group (i.e., patterned, repeated methods of communicating)?
4. What kinds of knowledge or skills might help leaders to be effective in influencing group communication?
5. What is the difference between a working and a speaking outline? Be specific about the elements included (or not included) in each.
6. What are the necessary ingredients for effective supporting materials in an informative speech?

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