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What are the very circumstances affecting the readers at the time of the writing that prompted Paul to write the letter to them?

To conduct a historical-cultural analysis of Philippians 2:12-18, follow the step-by-step procedures below by placing your answers in the clickable answer blocks below. In the completion of this assignment, cite at least two peer-reviewed resources. Have the book of Philippians, Acts 16 and a concordance at hand (cite your source within the text of your answers). For details on the principles for historical-cultural interpretation, see IBI, 315-24.
Historical Background of the Book of Philippians:
Describe how Paul’s relationship with the recipients of the letter began (here you will need to consult Acts 16 as well the Book of Philippians). Compose one paragraph (250-300 words):
What are the very circumstances affecting the readers at the time of the writing that prompted Paul to write the letter to them? Read through the book of Philippians to detect these. Compose one paragraph (250-300 words):
What were Paul’s own circumstances at the time? How might this have influenced the tone or emphasis of his letter? Compose one paragraph (250-300 words):
How would you characterize Paul’s relationship with the Philippian Christians given their repeated contacts and his current absence from Philippi? Again, make sure you take into account information from the entire letter. Cite specific evidence from the letter. Compose one paragraph (250-300 words):
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Word/Concept Study in Historical Context. Select one of the following concept studies below, and compose one paragraph (250-300 words) about your view of the meaning of this concept in the context of Phil 2:12-18. Employ the resources of footnote 1 or the article listed below.
What can you discover about the “day of Christ” on which Paul desires to boast (v. 16)?
What is the background and meaning of “poured out like a drink offering” (v. 17)?
Read Vern Sheridan Poythress’ article, “‘Hold Fast’ Versus ‘Hold Out’ in Philippians 2:16,” Westminster Theological Journal 63 (2002), 45-63 (see Regent University Library/Database/ATLA Religion Database). Comment critically about the debated phrase in Phil 2:12-18, based on Poythress’ article.
Summary: Compose one paragraph summarizing your conclusions on the historical-cultural background of Philippians 2:12-18 in the literary context of Phil 2. How does this background information assist your understanding of what Paul states in Philippians 2:12-18?

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