Cyber Security

What are the 4 major digital challenges in the healthcare industry?

You are free to get more references from each topic
online if needed. Be sure to cite all references.
Format the answers as Times New Roman, 10 pt. Single Spaced, number all of the pages. Start each Question (#1, #2, and
#3) on a separate page by entering inserting a page break. Please write out a bold heading for each question and sub-heading
and answer the question. Insert page numbers at the bottom right of each page. Leave a blank line between sub-headings.
You may use the articles as a reference, please cite the author and exact page you are taking the information from or quoting.
Be sure to answer each question in in your own words. To be comprehensive, it is estimated that you will need to write about
1 page for each question (total of 5 pages total). If you use external articles, you will need to cite (with page numbers). Be sure to submit a bibliography at the end.
1. Healthcare ecosystem
a. Comprehensively discuss all of the industries in the healthcare ecosystem (based on Zoom class videos)
b. What are the 4 major digital challenges in the healthcare industry? Discuss each.
c. Discuss the digitization of medical equipment.
d. How will digitization play an important role in patient medical records?
2. Hospital administration
a. Discuss the obligations specific to hospital outpatient departments.
b. Discuss the obligations specific to off-campus hospital facilities.
c. Discuss the requirements specific to joint ventures between hospitals and physicians.
3. Privacy and security
a. Discuss why patient privacy matters.
b. Explain how the HIPAA either helps or hurts the burden of regulations in the industry.
c. What are the provider responsibilities under HIPAA.
d. Under what circumstances can a provider disclose a patient’s health information to another health care provider?

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