Criminal Justice

How did World War II represent new technology?

This paper will help you understand the various roles of the human context within the
Operational Environment as it existed during World War Two.
For this assignment, you may choose 1 of the following on which to write:
 Compare and contrast the strategy and tactics of any two theaters (for example Pacific
or European) in World War II.
 How did World War II represent new technology? How did this technology affect the
outcome of the war?
 Did World War II truly represent a world war that represented a continuation of
World War One?
The Mid-Term Essay Assignment should meet the following requirements:
 Must be 3 full pages in length
 Conform to Turabian format
 Must include a minimum of 3 scholarly sources using books, journals, and websites.
Websites that end in .mil, .gov, or .edu are acceptable. Do not use .com or .org
 Each source must be properly cited via footnotes and in the Bibliography

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