Data Analytics

For example, how does an organization assure a shared understanding of governance?

In this assignment, you will begin conducting and sharing research with your peers about enterprise-wide data governance and data quality. During the discussion, you should demonstrate your evolving knowledge of data governance. For example, how does an organization assure a shared understanding of governance? What are the benefits to governance? Think broadly about all the stakeholders in healthcare and the role they may play in setting up governance.
For this discussion, you must:
Support your research with APA-style citations and references and establish the connections to your research topic.
Post your initial response before you can view your peers’ responses.
Active participation in the discussion is the key to full completion of this assignment. (Do not wait until the last minute to participate in the discussion or it will be of no benefit to you – and you will not receive full credit for it.)
Contribute your initial response to the discussion by the indicated due date. For the initial response:
Outline governance and describe its importance.
Outline the role(s) of stakeholders related to quality and data governance.
Describe the consequences when governance is missing, or is not followed.
How important is data quality? Discuss the importance of source of truth.
When someone asks for data, what are they really asking for?
What are the benefits of good data to various stakeholders?
Contribute your peer responses no later than Sunday of this module. For the peer responses, consider the following general guidelines as you respond to your peers’ (at least two) commentaries:
Pose a clarifying question (e.g., What did you mean by…, Why did you say…, What criteria did you use…, What was your intention…, What is the connection…, What were your assumptions…?).
Provide an additional insight and/or offer respectful criticism.
Provide an application or practical example (e.g., I have seen an example of this…, the result of this could be…).

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