Public Administration

Does your local government have a comprehensive plan and/or a strategic plan?

Questions for Week Three:
1. Of the four (4) basic uses of reorganization, which ones do you believe are most effective and why?
2. What does successful delegation mean to you? Are you given “administrative discretion” and empowerment to do your job?
3.Of the four(4) public sector management innovations, re-engineering, quality management, benchmarking and team management, which have been used by your organization? What were the results?
4. Does your local government have a comprehensive plan and/or a strategic plan? If so, when was it adopted or last updated?
5. How does your community promote economic development? Do they utilize a staff person or department, or do they contract it out to the Chamber of Commerce or an Economic Development Association?
6. In obeying those in government positions, what Bible verses do you follow?
GOV669-Eleven Habits of Powerful People.pdf
GOV669-How to keep leading, when it starts to get old..pdf
7. Regarding the two articles above, do you have any habits you would add to this list? Also, how do you continue to lead others without getting burned-out?

Please specify which question you are answering by numbering your answer and use the following text books as references.
Powner, C. L. (2015). Empirical Research and Writing: A Political Science Student’s Practical Guide.
Sage. ISBN: 978-1-4833-6963-1.
Howard, C. (2017). Thinking Like a Political Scientist. University of Chicago Press. ISBN:

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