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Analyze the proposed policies against the goals outlined in part II.

This assignment is due on Day 1 of week 16, but you will start working on it during the residency, prepare a draft and submit it during residency, get feedback and revise as needed, finalize it, and submit it in week 16.
Using the textbook from the course and additional academic sources, students will submit a 12-15 page, double-spaced paper on a pre-approved health policy topic. With a brief abstract, all proposed topics will be submitted to the instructor prior to week four for approval. Topics must have a public policy aspect and involve a public policy issue discussed in the course.
Approved outside web sources that may be used for this paper include the following:
Kaiser Family Foundation
Health Affairs
Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law
Commonwealth Fund
Inquiry: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing
This is not a complete list of possible sources. You should access the UC online library database of Healthcare journals as well. Using sources not on this list or available through the library must be academic.
This paper analyzes a policy issue featuring comparisons of alternative approaches to a policy problem. The following format may help you research and formulate your paper:
Part I – Definition, Scope, and Description of the problem (1 to 2 pages)
Part II – Goals (1 page is ideal; two pages maximum)
The goals are statements of the results you wish to see with your proposed solutions. Each goal should apply to each policy proposal.
Part III – Policy Proposals (4 to 5 pages)
Each policy proposal should describe an idea that constitutes a possible solution to the issue defined in part I. At least two solutions should be proposed. Specify the essential features of your proposed policies.
Part IV – Policy Analysis (5 to 6 pages)
Analyze the proposed policies against the goals outlined in part II. Describe how your proposal is a better alternative to the current policy and give each proposal equal analysis. Compare and contrast the proposed policies to the current policy and each other.
Part V – Conclusion (1 page)
Adhere to 7th APA writing style formatting guidelines. Cite at least 10 peer-reviewed references from the UC online library’s peer-reviewed sources.
The paper is due by Monday, Day 1 of week 16 at 11:55 p.m. (CST).

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