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Why do users call 1(818) 934.4296 Outlook customer service numbers?

Outlook customer service number 1(818) 934.4296 is a free web-based email service provider offering plenty of useful features. Consider utilizing if you already use Microsoft Outlook and are looking out for a new, affordable web-based email service. If MS Office compatibility is essential, it’s also a great option for an email provider. Users can connect with the outlook customer service number 1(818) 934.4296 for a better understanding of the service and features.
Microsoft Outlook is a fantastic email program that is included with MS Office, however, it is not free of cost. Consider creating a free email account if you’re looking for an email that has some of the same features as Outlook but is less expensive. Users encountering issues with creating an account should take immediate assistance from the outlook customer care team.
With millions of users online, the outlook has been regarded as one of the most prominent platforms. It is accessed by the users for their personal and professional purposes. Outlook email accounts enable users to connect with each other and get things done simply and easily. However, some users get stuck with creating an account or fail to access the account. They are therefore advised to take help from the outlook customer support team to resolve the issue.
Features of email account
All the features you would expect from an email service provider are available with an email account. Additionally, it has:
Your most crucial emails go in a concentrated inbox.
To archive and remove communications, use swipe motions.
Scheduling messages so that they arrive in your inbox at a particular time.
An option to move significant emails to the top of your inbox.
Text formatting tools to add your own style to your outgoing emails.
Additionally, Outlook adds airline schedules and vacation arrangements from emails to your calendar. Files from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box are attached. Even Microsoft Office files may be edited directly from your mailbox. If any user is not able to access the features of the outlook account, they can connect with the outlook customer service number.1(818) 934.4296
How to create an email account?
The primary function of Microsoft Outlook is email sending and receiving. Additionally, it is used to organize several kinds of personal data, such as tasks, contacts, notes, tasks, and similar calendar entries. Users can employ their services and features for their official and personal use. However, to access the features and services, users must have an account. If any user fails to create the account, they can follow the steps provided below or can take instant help from the outlook customer care number.1(818) 934.4296
Outlook offers a wide range of services and features that help users to stay in touch with their near and dear ones. Additionally, users can share their details through the email account. Though creating an account is an easy task. However, some users find it difficult to create an account and they look for the support provided by the outlook customer care number .
Many users out there face issues with creating an outlook account. Considering this, we have here discussed the steps to create the account in a simple and easy manner. Follow the steps discussed below to create the account.
Open the official outlook sign up page
Visit the outlook sign-up page’s URL to create the new email account.
Click the Create free account button to begin the Outlook account creation process.
Select the account name and password
After that, users must select a “Username” for their new email account in the first question that displays following the Outlook sign-up page.
Click the “Next” button after entering the preferred username.
Note: By default, the username associated with the free “ account” will end in “.com.”
Users are then asked to set up a password for their brand-new Outlook email.
For the “” account, enter a password. After finishing it, press the “Next” option.
Make sure that the password is difficult to guess to keep the account safe.
Enter the additional details
You are then asked by to enter your name.
Specify your first and last names. When you’re done, press the “Next” button. You’ll be asked to enter more information.
Using the downward pointing arrow to the right of the field, choose your country or area.
The down arrows next to the fields for “Month,” “Day,” and “Year” let the user choose their birthday. When they’re finished, they are suggested to press the “Next” option.
Verification step
The next step is to enter the characters from a “CAPTCHA” to prove that you are a human.
Enter the CAPTCHA’s characters. When you’re finished, press Next. The welcome screen appears.
Setup a new account guides the user through some fundamental account settings after they’ve selected a username and password.
Users are then advised to click the arrow to the right of their name on the Welcome page to begin configuring the email account. Various suggestions will be sent to them to help them complete the account setup process.
Select the language and time zone
The users will be then asked to select a language and time zone.
Now users are suggested to make the selections by using the arrows next to the “Language” and “Time zone” files. After the user has completed choosing, click the right arrow to continue with the Outlook email setup.
Choose the theme
After this, users are provided with 50 themes to choose from for the next prompt.
Now to choose the desired theme, click on it. After this, users are suggested to click the right arrow once they’ve chosen their decision. Now the email’s colors and appearance are determined by the email theme the user chooses.
Add signature
After choosing a theme, the top of the next screen will display a strip with that theme.
Unless the user removes it, the email signature they specify here will be included in every email they send from their account.
So, after following the above-mentioned instructions, users can easily create an account. If the issue persists the same or they fail to create the account, they are suggested to connect with the
Why do users call 1(818) 934.4296 Outlook customer service numbers?
Outlook customer service number 1(818) 934.4296 is a one-stop solution to get immediate solutions for outlook-related queries. Services offered by outlook are accessed by millions of people worldwide. Users can access the software offered by outlook through the email account in a hassle-free manner. Though creating an account is a simple and straightforward process, still some users come across issues with creating an account. They are suggested to connect with the Outlook customer care team via the outlook Tech support number 1(818) 934.4296 for assistance.
Following are the reasons why users call the outlook customer support team.
Ask for assistance in installing the software or setting up the account.
Troubleshooting issue with accessing the outlook account.
Not able to send the emails from the account.
So, mentioned above are the reasons why users call the outlook customer service number. Therefore, for any kind of assistance related to the outlook account, users can get quick assistance from the outlook customer support number.1(818) 934.4296 Users can connect with them through the outlook customer care number.

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