Which groups of people does the author focus upon?

1. Read the book carefully. Take detailed notes as you read, so that you can answer the questions and fulfill the requirements listed below.
2. Compose a 4-5 page (double-spaced and typed, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins) paper that proves you have successfully found the main argument in your book.
1. Your introduction must include your main argument. Present this as clearly as possible. Your overall tone and approach need to be direct, formal, and persuasive.
2. The main goal of this paper to show me that you have accurately identified the author’s main argument in the book you selected. Keep in mind the following:
a. There is not necessarily one “correct” answer here. What you see as the main argument in your book might be different from what other readers see (including me!). There is quite a bit of “wiggle room” in terms of what the main argument of these books could be. In terms of grading, the key will be how well you support your analysis of the book’s main argument.
b. There are wrong answers, however. Your claim about the author’s main argument must reveal that you have read the book accurately and carefully. That is, your claim must be reasonable, given the book’s content and subject matter.
c. Keep in mind that there is a difference between the main topic of a book and the main argument of a book. Your goal is to focus upon the author’s main claim.
3. You will need to present evidence in support of your analysis. Why should I believe you? Show me, using examples and evidence, that you have accurately identified the author’s main argument.
a. You could assemble statistical evidence. Approximately how many pages does the author devote to certain subjects? What does this say about the main area of emphasis of the book?
b. You could address the kinds of examples and sources the author uses. Where did the author get their information? Who created/left behind these sources? Usually, an author uses certain sources to accomplish specific goals and to support an agenda/argument.
c. Which groups of people does the author focus upon? What ethnic groups? Does the book examine elites or ordinary Americans? What does this suggest about their main argument?
d. What does the book’s introduction and conclusion say about the book’s main argument?
4. Your paper should frequently refer to the author by name and/or the book by name.
5. DO NOT attempt to present a comprehensive summary of the information contained in the book (you should focus on proving to me that you have accurately identified the author’s main argument!)
6. DO NOT copy portions of book reviews and submit them as if they were your own (this is plagiarism, an offense worthy of prosecution)
7. DO NOT simply provide responses to the questions listed above in chronological order (you should compose a well-thought, carefully organized paper in essay form)
this link will help to access the pdf version of the Book. Book name: The Indian Great Awakening: Religion and the Shaping of Native Cultures in Early America
by; Linford D. Fisher

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