Information Systems homework help

What standards do they have on data security?

Theory/Model/Variables – About 10 to 15 pages
Overview of General Deterrence theory/model being used and how it evolved. adopt a model design that can be used for this research on cyber security vulnerabilities in Intelligent transportation systems
Literature Review – About 25 pages
Theory/model/Variables “In Action”. All the literature on the how’s, when’s, and results of General  theory/model.
1. What are the security standards for Intelligent transportation systems. What standards do they have on data security?
2. what is unique about Intelligent Transportation System vehicles, what type of networks is used, and what type of cyber security standards do they have?
3. What type of framework is used and what type of softwares are used. how does this help in the deterrence of external and internal cyber-attacks?
References used must be before 2018. do not paraphrase, every statement used must have a reference

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