Social Work

What specific populations do you want to work with and why?

Prospective graduate students are required to submit original essay responses to each of the prompts below; essays are required to:
use single spacing;use a 12-point font;
consist of one page, though it may be longer; and
use APA format when citing any outside sources.
Please upload the essays in one file in the Personal Essay section of your checklist.
Master’s level social work addresses a variety of social problems and issues. Describe why you would like to earn a Master of Social Work degree. What specific populations do you want to work with and why? Describe the specific social problems you most want to understand and provide your rationale. How does this relate to the specialization to which you are applying? Cite empirical evidence, if necessary, using APA format.
Read the National Association of Social Work (NASW) Code of Ethics and describe how your personal values align with the values of the profession. Discuss how the Code of Ethics provides a framework for professional social workers.
Describe how your education and experiences have prepared you to be successful in a graduate program. You may wish to address time management skills, social support, and self-care practices which may help you to be successful as a graduate student.
Social work has a commitment to addressing social injustice. Discuss an experience or situation in which you were compelled to advocate for change. How do you envision advocating, in your career as a social worker, for people experiencing injustice?

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