What products or services does the company provide?

Company Proposal
For your final project, you will select one company and conduct a course-long comprehensive analysis of its operations. Your study will comprise updates each week that analyze the company on the basis of searches such as Google Scholar, Point University Library, ProQuest, EBSCO Host or other appropriate research such as: Time Magazine, The Economist, the Harvard Business Review, the Journal of Business, etc.) or book that parallel the studies for that week.
This week, select a company of your choice and create a proposal describing the company. Include answers to the following questions in the proposal:
What line of work is the company in?
What products or services does the company provide?
Why did you choose this particular company? You are welcome to use your own company as long as you can remain objective through the course of the analysis.
From a strategy perspective, what is a corporate strategy?
Is the company concerned with sustainability and the environment?
Submission Details:
Based on your research, write succinct discussions of each of these items.
Present your work as a 2–3-page report in a Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style.
Support your responses with examples. Cite sources in APA format.
Name your document BUSI 342_W1_LastName_FirstInitial.doc
Submit your document by Sunday of Day 7.

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