What problems does Smith have with the other English colonists in the Virginia Company?

I have a journal assignment for my English class
I need 300 words
please use the correct text book as professor will check.
The textbook is The Norton Anthology of American Literature
Ninth Edition
Package 1: Volumes A&B
Published December 2016
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company, Incorporated
ISBN: 978-0-393-26454-8
John Smith
We often think of the colonists as being equally enthusiastic about this new venture, with everyone working for the common good. That is clearly not the case, according to Smith.

Address the following questions in your journal:

What problems does Smith have with the other English colonists in the Virginia Company? How does he represent his own leadership abilities? How does he come across in his writing?
Remember that you must include quotes from the primary source in your entry. Also, you are to READ the biographical information on Smith, but you are to WRITE about the primary source. See the Lesson for Smith for more information.
John Smith
You may have seen the Disney movie about Captain John Smith and Pocahontas. He was sort of like a modern-day Donald Trump–always interested in promoting himself and his own interests.
Read about him (Links to an external site.)
Read the Smith selection in the text, Vol. A, pp. 113-122. This is the primary source for this author, and the source you should use to complete the journal assignment for Smith. Smith wrote this selection as a record of his time in America. He is the author of this primary work. You should use his name in the parenthetical documentation in your journal. If you fail to use this source you
will not pass this assignment.
Complete the Smith assignment by going to the Journals Module and clicking on the John Smith journal assignment. Read the directions for the journal assignment carefully.
You will find general information about how your journals are to be done under the Start Here Module. Please read all this information carefully so as not to lose points for not following my directions in terms of formatting and content and citing quotes and so on. You should review these directions before completing every journal.
PLEASE FOLLOW Professors journal instructions for citing sources

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