Gender Studies

What is the chapter generally about?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a gender studies writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
discussion post related to the Reclaiming Power and Place report. They are to read the Executive Summary of the assigned chapter found here: (If this link does not work, access the Executive Summary for Reclaiming Power and Place under Documents on the main website for the report at
For this assignment, I’m looking for clear and concise articulation for each of the following:
1. The overall topic outlined in the designated post.
2. The lessons you have un/learned from reading the post.
3. Thoughtful answers to each of the five (5) questions posed in the post.
The 500 word, 2-page report must be clearly written and include proper MLA referencing and works cited (see for example,
Briefly describe the overall topic or theme of the assigned chapter. What is the chapter generally about?
Choose a specific issue, theme or problem from the chapter to focus on. In your own words, citing the relevant authors, explain what is at stake and who is particularly affected by this issue/theme/problem.
Make sure to identify and explain any key terms or concepts that you use, citing the readings/authors where applicable from the assigned chapter or appropriate related course material.
Be sure to share your thoughts about the reading. What did you (un)learn? What stands out and why?
Ask five (5) questions raised for your group from the reading – not questions already posed within the chapter.

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