Information Systems homework help

Explain job duties of the computer systems analyst.

Part 1: A Systems Analysis Career
Research: You need exactly two sources:
Find “Computer Systems Analysts” career information at either the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook OR O*NET OnLine.
Find one current job opening for a computer systems analyst.
Write: Using the two sources you found as explained above, write 200–250 words explaining the systems analyst career. Present the information in paragraph form (no lists) and use APA 7th edition guidelines to cite and reference your sources.
First paragraph: Explain job duties of the computer systems analyst. Do not include salary information, as this will vary widely depending on a variety of factors; the focus here must be what activities are performed by the analyst.
Second paragraph: Explain job applicant requirements, including education, experience, skills, and other qualifications.
Part 2: Business Hierarchies
Research: Choose any two of the following organizational structures. Find one source each, or one source that encompasses both of your structure choices.
Functional Organizational Structure
Geographic Organizational Structure
Hierarchical Organizational Structure
Matrix Organizational Structure
Product Organizational Structure (sometimes called “Divisional”)
Projectized Organizational Structure
Write: Provide 180–230 words total to explain the two chosen structures, presenting the information in paragraph form (no lists). Use APA 7th edition guidelines to cite and reference your sources.
Present definitions of the two business structures and compare them. Start a new paragraph where you find it most logical to do so.
Part 3: SWOT Analysis
Scenario: Fox the Flattering Florist has six locations in Global Springfield and has done well since opening in 2012. There are four employees in each store, and at this time, they sell cut flowers and potted plants, but not much else. In bad economic times, fewer people buy flowers, and the perishable nature of the product has owner Florida Fox concerned. While she wants to continue in the floral business, it seems the right time to expand. A SWOT analysis can help her see potential opportunities and issues.
Analysis: Develop either a bulleted list or a Word table that clearly identifies three to five concepts each for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats as explained in the Unit 1 Reading PDF. Use either full sentences or phrases; be consistent. Do not copy the scenario wording above, and do not directly use source material for this part of the assignment, although you might find ideas by reviewing competitors’ websites. Be creative, but within the scope of what such a company might need to know.
Other important information:
Make sure you have APA-compliant formatting, including a title page, running head and page numbers, descriptive paper title, reference page, etc. Do not include an abstract or table of contents.
Use the following subheadings, bold and centered above the pertinent parts of your paper:

The Systems Analyst Career
Business Hierarchies
SWOT Analysis

Do not include “Part 1,” etc. in your subheadings.

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