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Do you think that this new word should be included in the text/ebook–why or why not?

Choose one of the words listed below that is new to you and is not included in our course material. In your posting, tell why you chose the word that you did.  Next, try to arrive at a meaning based on parts within the word that you can identify using Appendix A either from your hard-copy textbook or posted as a read-only file for reference in Connect. Then consult the Merriam-Webster site to check the correct definition of the term. Use your attention-to-detail skills and follow the sample below exactly. Please use only the quotation/citation format as in the sample section below. At the end of your posting, comment in your own words about at least one thing you learned from working with the word parts and definition of the word you chose.  Do you think that this new word should be included in the text/ebook–why or why not?
Here are some words that you might choose to write about in your posting. Please don’t write about one of the longest medical terms listed in Moodle.  If you found another medical term not listed in our course material that you would like to write about, please check with the instructor first to confirm the medical term is appropriate and worthwhile for class.
audism (note that this is audism, not autism)neurodiversity                   dyschromatopsiahalotherapy                       onycholysisnosocomephobia             lymphangioleiomyomatosissalutogenesis                   cryoglobulinemia
Sample section of posting with quoting/citing format:
The word “reactogenicity” is the noun form of the adjective “reactogenic,” which is defined on the Merriam-Webster site as “capable of causing a reaction and especially an immunological reaction” (Online, available at
The word part react/o- isn’t listed in our course material but looks to be a root/combining form that means “reaction,”  -gen is a suffix that means “create, produce, form” (Essentials, page 458),  -ic is a suffix that means “pertaining to” (Essentials, page 459) and -it is a suffix that means “condition, state” (Essentials, page 460).

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