Discuss what the various positions are among experts, agencies, politicians, etc. with regard to this issue.

Use MLA, APA, or Chicago style to format the paper and citations.
Include a Works Cited or References page in either MLA, APA, or Chicago style in addition to the 6000 words.
You may use “I” statements, such as, “I argue in favor of . . .,” “I support . . .,” “ln my view . . .,” etc.
Do not include an abstract.
Adhere to the following outline. Label each section of the paper with an appropriate title.
Topic from the book charter schools and their enemies Discuss a particular facet of the societal problem you have chosen to research, formulating an argument and proposing a solution.
Introduction: Provide a brief overview of the significance of the issue.
Thesis statement: Highlight a particular facet of the issue and offer a solution.
Section 1: The Positions Regarding Your Topic
Discuss what the various positions are among experts, agencies, politicians, etc. with regard to this issue. Cite scholarly secondary sources along with any other reputable non-scholarly sources.
What is your position in relation to these?
Section 2: The Philosophical Foundation of Your Position
Discuss the various ideas about justice found in the primary source readings for the course.
What idea of justice do you find the most convincing and useful when considering your issue?
Section 3: Evidence in Support of Your Position
Further develop your argument in favor of your position.
Section 4: Refuting Alternative Positions
What specific scholars and sources have you found that disagree with your position?
Respond to these alternative positions by further substantiating your own.
Conclusion: The Need for Further Investigation of Your Issue
Briefly restate your thesis.
Provide a 2-3 sentence summary of your paper.
Discuss what related issues could be addressed using the kind of approach you offer in this paper.
Incorporate the following types of sources:
A) each of the primary sources read together in class
(Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, and Smith),
B) the book assigned for your topic
(Unassailable Ideas, New Jim Crow, Evicted, Politics of Immigration, or Charter Schools and Their Enemies),
C) 4 additional scholarly secondary sources found through the Tarleton Library research databases
(I suggest using Discovery@Tarleton.)
(I suggest using academic journal articles written by university professors of about 15-25 pages in length.), and
D) any other reputable, non-scholarly sources that provide helpful information on your topic
(documentaries, articles from well-established and widely-accepted news agencies and magazines, studies from government agencies and think tanks, etc.)
(There is no requirement for how many of these non-scholarly sources you use.)

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