Criminal Justice

Differentiate between the two forms of stress that may affect police behavior.

Define these terms IN YOUR OWN WORDS as it relates to Criminal Justice
Actual danger
Actual stress
Chronic stress
Critical-incident debriefing
Perceived danger
Person-initiated danger
Physiological stress
Police stressors
Post traumatic stress syndrome
Potential danger
Posituational danger
Stressor-outcome model
Bona fide occupational qualification –
Law Enforcement Assistance Administration –
Law Enforcement Education Program –
National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals –
Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act –
Presidents Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice-
Answer the following questions
1. Differentiate between the two forms of stress that may affect police behavior.
2. Describe two major categories of police occupational stressors and provide SEVERAL examples of each.
3. Discuss at least THREE types of new sources of stress for today’s police. Will police work become more or less stressful in the future? Discuss why.
4. What is post-traumatic stress disorder and how does it apply to the police?
5. Discuss at least three aspects of police stress that influence the quality of family life. What are some programs that attempt to deal with such problems.

1. What is the National Advisory Commission on Higher Education for Police Officers.
2. What was the significance of the case Arnold v. Ballard?
3. What was the significance of the cases Davis v City of Dallas and Griggs v. Duke Power Co. and how do they relate to law enforcement?

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