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Describe in sentence/paragraph form how this characteristic helps your relational success, and how if overemphasized can become a detriment to self and/or others

Assigned Reading: Review, The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, by Gary Chapman. Read PPT-3a.
PPT-3b is optional reading that is designed to support course understanding.
For this assignment, refer only to this text and the required PPT reading.
Responses should not be repeated from previous answers but can be expanded.
Note: The grade letter will depend on clarity, depth, and quality of the answers.
3.1 Four Basic Personality Styles (4BPS):

a. State in sentence form each of your four quadrants of the 4BPS Temperance Test followed by its total scores (S+W), in rank order from highest to lowest. Check that the combined total of all four scores is 40. Tell if the result was expected or unexpected, and very briefly share your reason.
b. Review the instructor’s 4BPS- Word Version of PPT supplement. From the 4BPS supplement, choose your strongest and weakest personality style characteristics. Under each letter title-instruction below answer the following:
1. Strongest Characteristic: Describe in sentence/paragraph form how this characteristic helps your relational success, and how if overemphasized can become a detriment to self and/or others.
2. Weakest Characteristic: Describe in sentence/paragraph form how this characteristic can hinder your relational success, and specifically how you can strengthen this characteristic for the benefit of self and/or others.

3.2 Self-Evaluation Analysis: (Document cited answers as instructed.)
Ponder your Self Evaluation questions and subparts 3 (Relational Truth?). Scan the supplement PPT-3a, particularly the segments under Food for Thought. When reflecting on the above Self Evaluation question and the above PPT, what mostly relates to you and can help you, directly or indirectly for the past, present, and/or future, and specifically explain how or why.

3.3 Short Text Related Question: (Document cited answers as instructed.)
From this week’s assigned text reading, Chapman covers three key relational topics: a. Distinguishing between In-Love and Lasting Love; b. Keeping a Full Love Tank; and c. Loving Difficult Others. Choose one of these three points, summarize the author’s view, and briefly tell how and/or why that would benefit your relationship with others.
3.4 Major Question: PWL Text Help for Relational Improvement Goal #1
Each of the three Relational Improvement goals needs to address a different relationship or a different issue within the same relationship.
1. What relationship do you want and need to improve? (Chose an important relationship to you, be it a spouse, child, family member, friend, co-worker, or acquaintance.) What is the main issue and/or specific difficulty regarding this person?
2. What is your specific goal, which is both realistic and achievable, that you can and will do for relational improvement and what do you want to see happen?
3. Self-Evaluation Title: Just give the number and title from the ten Self-Evaluation questions that best matches your goal.
4. What about you that needs to change or improve for your goal to make this part of your relationship healthier, more productive, and/or more harmonious?
5. What are some specific and documented teachings from this assignment’s required text that will be helpful in your attaining your goal? In Assignment 8, you will need to generally report on the results of your goal successes.

3.5 Optional Comments or Questions to the Instructor:
< If you have no comments or questions, delete 3.5.>

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