What theory connects the policy or program to the goals or outcomes?

Please Read carefully **The article for this assignment has been uploaded below**
Each critique must be 5-10 typed, double-spaced pages in length with standard, one-inch margins all around using New Times Roman and 12-point font written in third person only. Otherwise, general formatting should follow APA style.
At a minimum, this critique should address the following questions or issues. If, in your opinion, your article does not address one or more of them, then you should say so and defend or justify why you believe that to be the case. In all cases, defend or justify your answers with specific references to words, phrases, or passages in the article and corresponding references to the assigned readings for the course. In other words, while your critique should be written in your own words (third person only), you do need to make references to specific words, phrases, and relevant passages in the text of your article, as well as corresponding references to the assigned readings for the course. Each of the following items in BOLD must be listed as a heading on your critique. Do not use bullet points. Discuss in your critique the
questions/issues under each bolded item. If a question/issue does not apply, please explain why.
• Summary (1-2 pages)
o Summarize the contents of your article.
o Who wanted the policy or program evaluated? In other words, why did the
author(s) conduct the evaluation?
• Evaluation Goal(s) (1 page)
o What were the goals or desired outcomes of the policy or program under
o How did the author(s) propose to evaluate the policy or program in terms of
its goals or outcomes?
• Theoretical Perspective (2-3 paragraphs)
o What theory connects the policy or program to the goals or outcomes?
o What rival or plausible explanations or theories were ruled out?
o How did the theory guide the author(s) in their conduct of the evaluation?
• Research Methods (2-3 paragraphs)
o What principal research method(s) did the author(s) use in the conduct of the
o Did any unintended or unanticipated consequences arise? If so, what were
o How and why did they arise?
• Conclusion (1 page)
o What did the author(s) conclude? On what basis?
o Did the policy or program achieve its intended goals or outcomes in whole,
in part, or not at all? If so, why or why not?
o To what uses were the results of the evaluation to be put?
o Based on the results of the evaluation, what principal recommendations did
the author(s) make?
• Evaluation Concepts (1-2 pages)
o After you have written your summary, identify which of the following apply
to the article. Be sure to define the concept and explain how each of your
selections applies to your article.
Implementation evaluation
Process evaluation
Outcome evaluation
Goals or desired outcomes
Program theory
Quantitative methodology
Qualitative methodology
Dependent variable(s)
Independent variable(s)
Experimental design
Quasi-experimental design
Internal validity
External validity
Unit of analysis
Cost-benefit analysis
Cost-effectiveness analysis

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