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What is the opportunity of you getting your college  degree?

It  is time to begin the process of being able to determine what  opportunity is and to identify what opportunities previous entrepreneurs  have recognized. It is imperative to not confuse opportunity with  solution. Opportunity comes first. What did the entrepreneur “see” that made the person think, “there’s an opportunity here.” What was that opportunity?
Discussion Directions: Select an entrepreneur (excluding Steve Jobs) and respond to the following:
State the entrepreneur you chose and their company name (NOTE: this is not about the history of the person or the company, simply state their name and company).
Identify the opportunity the entrepreneur turned into the reality of a solution (identify the opportunity, not the solution).
Describe  why you think this was a valuable opportunity (focus on the  opportunity, not the solution). This is not the monetary value of the  opportunity. This value is about “what’s in it for the consumer?” Think  of it like this: What is the opportunity of you getting your college  degree? The solution is getting the degree, but what’s the opportunity  for you?
Briefly describe the solution for the opportunity (now describe the solution itself)

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