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What ideas did your peers present that you had not considered before?

respond to the following student’s response.
Extend your peers’ responses with additional examples about what motivates scientists to pursue research. What ideas did your peers present that you had not considered before?
Sarah post
I think that as a whole, scientists are driven by curiosity and a desire to improve upon what we currently have, or as Bill Nye put it in one of this week’s videos, people like to try things and enjoy the empowering feeling of knowing about the world around you (Big Think, 2015). There are so many kinds of questions, as discussed in the module introduction. Some are asked for advancement, like “how we can live sustainably on the moon?”, and some are asked out of curiosity, like “how do fireflies light up at night?”.
What interested me about my article, “A first: Scientists grow plants in soil from the Moon” (Science Daily, 2022), was that it is such an exciting leap forward! In summary, scientists took a small amount of soil collected from a few Apollo missions and were able to sprout a plant. True, the plants are not THRILLED with the soil and grow more slowly than if they had fancy potting soil, but I have killed many a plant in fancy potting soil, and I say this with love, plants are just going to have to get over it. Growing plants in lunar soil will make life on the moon that much more attainable. I started wondering how farms would work on the moon, what the plants’ reactions would be over a longer period of time, and over an even longer period of time, how they would evolve. Would we create an entire new species of moon plants? If there were large forests on the moon, how would the ecosystem function? In my silly head I wondered how a moon apple would taste, and that’s exciting enough for me!
Christopher post

I believe there are many reasons as to the question ‘WHY” from scientists. The basic component of science is to follow “WHY” it happens and it’s potential effects on other organisms.  The word “WHY” allows a scientist to conduct research, experiments, and other fact finding data in order to support their work, efforts and purpose.  When a scientist answers the question “WHY” something happens, it also validates their work.
For example: If X is constant and why changes why does the outcome change.  Or why does this scientific research affect my everyday living.  The question why can lead to life changing medical research and save lives.  The question why is a very useful tool in the natural science world.
I chose my news story because I would like to know more about why different bullet injuries have different end results and try to find research to help determine WHY the same types of injuries have different results in different humans.  I believe that with scientific research and data, I can then better answer why a ballistics injury varies from person to person even though they suffered they same type of injury.

Predicting future employment needs is much like predicting the weather—forecasts are not 100 percent correct.
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Why do organizations create and use employment needs forecasts if they are not accurate?
What circumstances or conditions make employment needs easier or harder to predict?
What can be done to improve the accuracy of employment forecasts?

Evidence suggests that the employees who already have the highest skill levels in an organization are the most likely to receive further training, while the lower-skilled employees most in need of training are less likely to receive it, either because those employees decline opportunities or because they are not selected to participate.
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Why might the situation described above happen?
What criteria should be used to determine who is selected to participate in training programs?
How can organizations encourage lower-skilled employees to take advantage of elective training opportunities?

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