What are the race and ethnicity distribution, age ranges, and gender mix?

A windshield survey is a collection of subjective personal observations of what you see and experience in a specific environment.
For this windshield survey, you are required to observe specific community core demographics. You will tour the city, record your observations, and submit a written response.
You will conduct this survey through Sentinel City. Click on “Getting Started With Sentinel City” from the Getting Started module. Read through this module first so that you are set-up and ready to go. Then, you will access Sentinel City below this assignment.
For this assignment:
Enter the Sentinel City Simulation and get on the virtual bus. Because this is your first tour, select the slowest speed and stay on the bus the entire time. As you take the tour, write down your observations, and specifically those that align with the following demographics and/or subsystems:
Describe the characteristics of the people you see in Sentinel City Simulation. What are the race and ethnicity distribution, age ranges, and gender mix? Are there signs of poverty or wealth? Describe these signs.
Whom do you see on the streets: a parent with a child, teens, couples, or a person with a disability? Is there anyone in the city you would not expect to see? Are there people who are homeless, etc.?
Are the dogs on or off leash? Are there other animals?
Are there churches? Which denominations?
Select a target population of interest and discuss relevant demographic data and health status indicators for this population group.
Identify the major health concerns for this target population. Include a discussion of the major health concerns in relation to a global health issue.
You are encouraged to add other relevant characteristics you observe.
After your tour is complete, compile your observations into a two- to three-page paper (excluding cover page and reference page) that addresses each item listed above.
Use current APA Style and cite your sources. Your sources should be integrated into the paragraphs. Use internal citations pointing to evidence in the literature and supporting your ideas. You will need to include a reference page listing those sources.
For help on what to look for in your windshield survey, see the following video:
Supportive information can also be found in any of the information icons in Sentinel City.
See the rubric for specific grading criteria.
Click the link below the assignment in the Week 1 Module to access Sentinel City and get started. Reminder, Google Chrome is the recommended browser for Sentinel City. Turn off your pop-up blocker. Exit out of this assignment to access Sentinel City. Return to this assignment to submit your survey.
Click on Sentinel City. The simulation takes a while to load. It may take a few minutes. You will see trivia questions as it loads. Once the simulation is ready, you can select either a male or female avatar to enter Sentinel City. It does not matter which one you select because both go into the same simulation. If you need any help with the simulation, see the Student Resources area of Sentinel City once you have logged in (and before you access the actual simulation).

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