How will you contribute to the MCIT Online community?

I will give you the prompt from the website. My essay is probably 90% complete just need help editing and ensuring that it follows the prompt and answers all their questions:
Write a 1,000–1,500 word essay that answers the following questions:
What makes you interested in the MCIT Online program?
How will you benefit from the program?
Describe your career goals and how the MCIT Online curriculum will help to achieve them.
Why will you succeed in the program?
How will you contribute to the MCIT Online community?
Given the time commitment required to successfully complete the program, how do you plan to incorporate an average of 15 hours per week per course of studies into your lifestyle?
Since the MCIT Online program is designed for people without a CS background, if you feel that your resume could be perceived as overqualified, please explain why MCIT Online is right for you.
Given the need for knowledge of math, if you feel that your resume or transcripts do not adequately speak to the strength of your math skills, please expand on your experience with discrete math.
Please provide detailed and specific examples from academia, industry, or research when possible.

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