How is the issue you chose reflected in the storyline?

find an episode that focuses on the issue of Latinx you want to discuss, remember not to choose too many scenes or episodes “ I choose when they see us serie” if you have one better than that please feel free to use it. Follow instructions please.
Research Paper-Latinx in Mass Media (30 pts)
You will use a movie and at least THREE journal articles to support your critique of an issue discussed in class: (economic, social, political, gender, identity, LGBTQ, and/or cultural rights) affecting Latinx groups’ portrayal in the media.
• The movie must focus on a specific Latinx group, it should be different than your own racial/ethnic group. Be careful not to pick a documentary or a movie that does not give you enough material for your thesis.
• How is the issue you chose reflected in the storyline? How does it connect to our class lectures?
• Describe the language and images used to portray this group. Explain how and why they are labeled a minority group, according to the 5 characteristics discussed -DTSAM.
• What kind of stereotypes or assumptions are presented in the movie? Describe if there are clear examples of prejudice or discrimination. Anything else worthy of mention?
• Find three peer-reviewed articles (academic journals) which discuss your TOPIC/THESIS, not necessarily your movie. Link the main thesis of your articles: do they support or contradict your thesis, your analysis of your group and its portrayal in the movie. Make sure you find the source of your document. Do not use Wikipedia. DO NOT USE A MOVIE REVIEW..

• 7-10 pages, typed, 12 pt. New Times Roman font, double-spaced, APA STYLE, please proofread.
• Provide reference page and quote or paraphrase all work that is not your own.
Examples of APA Style

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