How did John Doe perform compared to other students in your classroom?

Sometimes, communicating assessment results effectively to families can be difficult and challenging for teachers because parents may not understand what the tests are for or what the scores mean. When communicating assessments results, the following needs to be taken into consideration:
Be sure you thoroughly understand the results before communicating with the parent.
Be well prepared to answer all types of questions regarding the assessment you have administered.
Be familiar with the terms and meanings and what these mean in relation to that parent’s child.
Use the terms that are parent-friendly and avoid terms that may only be used in educational domains/environments.
Be sure to approach the challenges the child is experiencing through a “strength-based” approach where you are not focusing solely on deficiencies but on how you can use the child’s current strengths as a foundation to help enhance the child’s learning.
This assignment is based on the following scenario:
A child in your class, John Doe, scored at a level of concern on an assessment that you have chosen to administer. You want to convey this information to his parents and request a follow-up conference to discuss John’s needs and determine what steps need to be taken.
Step 1
You will need to use the following online resources on assessment tools to conduct thorough research on what assessment tools are available to administer to children birth to 8 years of age. You may research sites on your own or locate suggested assessments at the following websites:
Get Ready to Read!™ (Links to an external site.)
Developmental Checklist (Links to an external site.)
Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (Links to an external site.)
The Florida VPK Assessment (Links to an external site.)
VPK Assessment Teacher’s Manual, Fourth Edition (Links to an external site.)
Step 2
You will need to identify three assessments that you may think would be one that you would administer in your classroom. You will only choose one of three assessments for your task in Step 3.
Step 3
Once you have determined which one of those assessments you would like to administer to your class, you will then need to address the scenario provided to you at the beginning of this assignment to write a letter to John Doe’s parents communicating information about his assessment results. (Include a copy of the assessment or identify the website where it can be located.)
Your letter will need to include the following information:
A descriiption of the assessment and its purpose
An explanation on why students are tested using this particular assessment (what this assessment will show)
John’s performance on each indicator on the assessment and its possible implications for instruction, and how they can support him at home.
What is John Doe’s overall score?
What specific questions did John do well on? What questions did he struggle with? What does this show in terms of John’s performance?
How did John Doe perform compared to other students in your classroom?
Explain what the different types of scores mean on this particular assessment (open-ended questions versus multiple–choice)
What components of reading comprehension/math /science assessment did he show the most gains?
What evidence does the test provide in terms of John’s learning of specific skills and knowledge?
A rationale as to why the type of assessment score is most useful for your purposes
To collaborate with parents to build well-rounded support of John’s learning
Your recommendations on how John’s parents can help him at home with specific activities they can use to enhance John’s learning
Step 4
Discuss two other alternate assessments that you could have used to assess John’s performance. Include copies of the sample assessments you located and explain why the assessments are further appropriate for his learning.
Portfolio Assignment Information
This assignment will also need to be included in your online portfolio. As such, each student should write and submit their own rationale, according to the directions in the Assignment 2: Communicating Assessment Results Portfolio Information Download Assignment 2: Communicating Assessment Results Portfolio Informationdocument.
This assignment requires a file upload submission. After you have reviewed the assignment instructions and rubric, as applicable, complete your submission by selecting the Submit Assignment button next to the assignment title. Browse for your file and remember to select the Submit Assignment button below the file to complete your submission. Review the confirmation annotation that presents after submission.’s_Manual_Fourth_Edition_5_17_13.pdf

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