Do you think Marbury v. Madison was decided correctly?

1. We spent several days discussing Marbury v. Madison in
class. What are the specific historical events that led directly to
the controversy in this case? Why do Jefferson and Madison
refuse to give Marbury his appointment? Why does Marbury
take his case directly to the US Supreme Court? What is
Marshall’s rationale for deciding the case the way he does? Do
you think Marbury v. Madison was decided correctly? Why or
why not?
2. Judicial review is becoming more and more controversial
these days, as the Supreme Court continues to overrule laws
exacted by the states on gun control, and revokes rights that
have existed for 50 years (the overturning of Roe v. Wade on
June 24, 2022). This entire process is rooted in the Court’s claim
in Marbury v. Madison that it alone has the power to review the
constitutionality of laws, and that it can overrule all laws not
pursuit to the constitution. Should the Supreme Court have the
power to overrule Roe v. Wade? Or should state legislatures and
the US Congress have the ultimate power to decide what the
constitution means and what rights it should protect? Make a
case one way or the other using all of the evidence and argument
that you can muster.Use the link in the photo below for most help

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