Discuss the theoretical framework you think helps explains your topic and problem you will address in your dissertation.

Develop a draft of Chapter 2 (approx 20 pages excluding the introduction page and reference page) where you clearly provide a well-developed introduction and other sections relevant to your topic. This should be your first complete draft of Chapter Two.
An important step in a dissertation is the theoretical basis that might help explain and shed light on why the problem is happening. For example, if we want to know how different groups responded to the implementation of a new teaching strategy in higher education, you might consider theories related to adult learning.
Discuss the theoretical framework you think helps explains your topic and problem you will address in your dissertation. Remember, this will also be cited in the literature as well, so make sure to include scholarly resources from a peer reviewed journal.
Proposed Topic: The effect of the various virtual moderator usage in knowledge transfer and its relationship to productivity in the business by measuring the project success rate
Problem Statement: Current organizational knowledge transfer practices have been impeded due to organizational communication channels
Methodology: The method for this study will be the quantitative approach.
Target Population and Sample Method: Employees of organizations in the construction and healthcare industries through random sampling utilizing an Online survey questionnaire
Theoretical Framework /Background: Media Richness theory for demonstrating the media type and frequency of the media usage, affective knowledge transfer between sender and receiver, and how does it impact the project outcome. Media richness theory is a framework utilized to elaborate on a moderator of communication and the ability to regenerate the data or information shared through a moderator. This theory is being developed by Richard L. Daft and Robert H. Lengel in 1986 as an extension of the information processing theory. The main idea behind using media richness theory is for demonstrating the effectiveness of the medium of communication and equivocal task. Moreover, it can transfer the information and check its efficiency and pose the cognitive obstacle to communication during information transfer.
GUIDELINES: In a minimum of 13 pages (Excluding title, content, and reference pages), develop an introduction to your research topic’s literature review (As mentioned above) where you clearly explain the overall research topic (as mentioned above and highly stick to the topic), literature gathering process (methods and framework ‘media richness for the virtual platform and select some model where knowledge transfer effectiveness can be measured”) (select additional peer-reviewed articles where you can find already created questionnaires with study) and the scope and organization of the literature review. The introduction should conclude with a paragraph that describes the sequence of the literature you will include and the literature analysis process. After the introduction, you should incorporate possible headings/subheadings that you plan to cover and include at least 20 scholarly references (some I have provided here in the reference section) you can select others relevant to the topic, and when you write lit review, ensure to cover supporting statement to problem statement, why this study is required, and what is the benefits for the organization of this study and supporting findings from other studies.
Assignment Some references: (MUST Include all these references)

How video conferencing is reducing business travel and increasing productivity

What is Media Richness Theory? | Examples, Pros & Cons

Before submitting, you should carefully review Chapter 2 and check the following:
Use Grammarly in Microsoft Word to review your assignment before submitting it. Grammarly may show areas that you do not think need to be changed. If so, you should use the “trash” feature in Grammarly to remove each area that you do not think needs to be addressed.
Review all of your references. Are all references in APA format? Do all in-text citations have an associated reference in the reference list? Do you have references in the reference list that are not cited in the chapters?
Did you follow the UC APA dissertation template?
Please make sure that you double check the resources for the dissertation format expectations. You’ll want to start using that right away him him him him him him him him then. Attach document is initial draft of the literature review. you can add and make it more concrete to the topic. TOPIC is ficed as stated earlier. Give more evidences of problem statement, how it arise, and supporting and opposite facts from articles.
Any questions, please ask do not assume and work on paper. stick to topic, problem statement, framework and supporting and opposing facts from peer reviewed articles. attached document is the actual paper and you can edit and make it more finer and clear to the point with more concrete peer reviewed article.

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