Criminal Justice

Are executions necessary to keep the population safe from repeat violent offenders?

Are executions necessary to keep the population safe from repeat violent offenders?
In other words, does full ( death penalty) incapacitation prevent the reoccurrence of violent crime? The following concepts will help you formulate the appropriate sections in your paper:
What is a better punishment alternative to deter violent crime
LWOP as an alternative
How do escapes, oversights, and mistakes play a role in incapacitation
Students are expected to critically analyze and evaluate the death penalty topic listed above.
It is important to answer all of the questions, support your opinions and statements with at least two credible references. Cite the text in APA format and Include a Reference Page. Each question should be a section; an easy APA format to use to accurately answer each question. Of the total works cited, half should be from academic journals or books published by an academic press. Students must support their statements and opinions as they cite the text with at least two credible references. A conclusion section (APA) will solidify your statements and opinions. Works cited and the references should be in APA format at the end of each mini-paper.
The paper must be double-spaced, with 1.0-inch margins, using Times New Roman 12 point type and at least two pages long, 1200 words.
The paper will be graded using a rubric assessing content, content organization, explanation, summary, analysis, grammar, and format.
Your work is subject to review for text comparison by a plagiarism detection service. Please refer to the Policies section of the syllabus for further information on plagiarism and cheating. If your paper is determined to be plagiarized a score of 0 will be assigned or points will be deducted. Students who turn in plagiarized papers will not have a chance to make it up. For more information, please review the important information about the assignments page.
Mini-paper Assignment will open on Tuesday of each week at 8:00 am, and close on Saturday at 4:00 pm; students have five days to complete the assignment.

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