Data Analytics

Analyses the financial data provided in Table 1 and evaluates its usefulness to the Directors of Brimore Ltd.

Brimore Engineering (BE) is a small engineering company located in the North East of
England. It is a private limited company which has been owned by the Brimore family since
1987. The current Board of Directors has five directors. Three of these directors are sons of the original founder of the company, Bob Brimore. Although Bob is no longer on the Board and takes no active role in the management of BE, he still retains 30% of the ordinary shares in the business. His three sons each have a 15% shareholding, with the remaining 25% owned by two non-family directors who invested £1 million in the business in 2014 when the business had suffered its third consecutive year of making a loss. The capital provided by these two investors was used to invest in the latest production technology which reduced the size of the workforce by 20% and, by 2014, BE was once again a profitable business.
However, although the company has remained profitable since 2016 there is some concern
among the current directors about financial performance of Brimore in more recent years.
Prepare a report for Brimore’s Board of Directors which:
Analyses the financial data provided in Table 1 and evaluates its usefulness to the Directors of Brimore Ltd.
Describes how Brimore could undertake an analysis of its product portfolio.
Evaluates the methods of promotion Brimore’s senior management could use to increase sales of its products to the car industry.
Coursework Guidance
You should present your work using an appropriate business report format. It is
recommended that you write between 1,250 – 1,500 words excluding bibliography and
You will be assessed for this coursework task using the NCUK Assessment Criteria. You
must provide evidence of the following skills:
Knowledge and understanding
Study skills – report format, clear and accurate referencing, using reliable sources.
A comprehensive bibliography
Please check the attachment
and the essay should use a business report format and all references should be acknowledged using the Harvard referencing system.

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