Why are existing efforts not sufficient, or what elements are they not addressing?

This project is about developing effective and plausible programs to meet real and existing needs. First, establish the area of need. What areas, populations, and issues are at stake? Why are existing efforts not sufficient, or what elements are they not addressing? How has the problem been addressed in the past? Why have those efforts not succeeded? Then, make the case that your program will be effective. What other programs does it resemble? What best practices guide its goals and implementation? What new research and/or thinking is guiding its implementation? For the structure of your proposal, you may want to follow the standard proposal format used by many businesses and non-profits: Executive Summary, Introduction/Background, Needs/Problems, Solution (note that this format usually includes a budget section, which I’m not requiring for this assignment). Your executive summary section should be a bullet-point breakdown of the entire proposal, so will likely need to be written last. Your introduction should briefly summarize the issue you are addressing, with your background section providing any necessary social, medical, or historical context, and your needs/problems and solutions sections describing the issue and your proposed solution in more detail. Your solutions should be specific and logistically oriented, such as developing a specific public health education program, or a specific program for helping people access certain therapies or assistive technologies, or designing a food distribution program for an underserved population, or putting together a solid research proposal to study a neglected issue. How can you imagine a program that meets a particular need but will also sound practical and plausible to a potential funding source? Required Word count: 1,250 words

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