What is the appeal over others similar in scope?

This week, I am asking you to analyze an advertisement of your choice, using 4 rhetorical concepts (you will follow these 4 concepts through commercials and websites, as well). Ideally, it will come from a physical magazine, but you may also use on-line advertisements. I would choose a product, service, or PSA with which you are familiar, like, use often, or are considering using. Please be thorough in your responses (addressing all 4 rhetorical concepts in depth), and please respond to at least 2 classmates on their choice and analysis of their advertisements all on 3 separate days, please.. In order for us to see the advertisement you have chosen, you can take a photo of it if it is a hard copy, or use one from Google images and save it to your computer. Then, click on the Insert/Embed Image icon above to show in the body of your answer. Please note: for this week, consider the advertisement a “print” advertisement, even though you are likely to use a digital copy. Next week, we will analyze commercials.
Purpose: to provide information (PSA, for example), promote awareness, market products or services (intended for revenue), buy into the culture of the product or service. Purpose is multilayered and goes FAR beyond just selling one product or service.
Audience: To whom is the advertisement directed specifically in terms of demographics? Indicate target audience(s): for example, college students, ages 18-21, parents of toddlers, property owners, avid travelers, ages 28-35, retirees, single men or women in 20’s, working mothers, dog/cat/pet owners, tweens, corporate business types with disposable income, ages 35-45, small business owners, artists/musicians, etc.
Context: Consider the competition in relation to other products, organizations, groups, services, etc. What is the appeal over others similar in scope? For example, Apple to Samsung, Pantene to Tresemme, Toyota to Honda, Mercedes to Audi, Hyatt to Marriott, Gatorade to Propel, Pringles to Lay’s, etc.
Composition: Address the layout of the advertisement you choose, including color, font, texture (if applicable), pictures, other graphics, etc. Consider what/who is included, and, as importantly, what is excluded, from the space of the advertisement.
Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the discussion!

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