How would you improve the wording of these statements?

Please answer each question separately and please to Number them thank you 1 Community Assets and Strengths Discuss the importance of community assets and strengths for organizations completing needs assessments. How does this lead to community collaboration? 2 Mission, Vision, and Values Find the mission, vision, and values statements of an agency you know or find the statements of a local organization via its Web site. Remember to include the website in your references! In what ways do these statements seem to meet the criteria that are outlined in Chapter 3? How would you improve the wording of these statements? Do you see any possible conflicts between the central mission and goals of an agency and the best practices that guide the work of an individual who identifies with a specific helping profession? 3 Boundary Management Unit Often times the employees providing direct services for a company or organization have little to no interaction with managerial executives. What impact does this have on employee satisfaction and/or effectiveness? What suggestions would you make to foster connections/interactions if the executives were not physically able to present on-site?

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