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Develop a forecast to use as a basis for Sales and Operations Planning.

CO5: Design a plan for capacity management, production planning, and scheduling
CO8: Compose the results of operations and case studies effectively in writing the results of operations analysis and case studies
According to the assigned case study, Lawn King must develop an S&OP plan that considers the costs of inventory, overtime, hiring, and layoff (beware of stock outs). If the plan results in back orders, Lawn King will have to incur greater costs later in the year to meet demand. Analyze the case study and answer the following questions:
Develop a forecast to use as a basis for Sales and Operations Planning.
Develop a S&OP plan by month for fiscal year 2020. Consider the use of several different production strategies. Which strategy do you recommend? Use of Excel will greatly save time in making these plans.
Label your Word document as follows: yourlastname.doc (ex: Johnson.docx)
The paper should be at least 1,000-words
The paper should be APA-compliant paper comprising your response
Minimum 5 full pages of content (Word Document) of strategic material (does not include cover page, abstract, nor reference pages)
All charts, graphs, pictures are to go in the appendix (not a substitute for content)
The paper must provide inline citations to at least five scholarly sources supporting your paper
Refrain from excessive use of quotes in your response (less than 5%)
Once you submit your document to the assignment folder it will automatically be loaded to TURNITIN.COM within the course. Your similarity scan score must be 20% or less (the following will be excluded: headers, bibliography, etc. prior to instructor grading paper—focus on the content of scan percentage
Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero for this assignment
There are no late assignments accepted after the last day of the course

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